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Jan 5, 2013 08:39 AM

Lunch spots between Columbia and Walterboro on I26/I95 ?

Traveling through from Toronto to Florida. Any good/interesting lunch spots to check out on this stretch ?

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  1. Not much on that stretch. If you can wait till you get to Walterboro, and it's Wednesday-Sunday, Duke's Barbecue is not hard to find and is inexpensive, with lots of choices. It's a buffet, but it's a local hangout, so at prime time, refills fly out of the kitchen. Good chicken, good pulled pork, plenty of barbecue sauces, lots of sides.

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      This was going to be my suggestion as well.

      1. re: Leepa


        Walterboro is within striking distance for lunch. I'll arrive good and hungry !

        Know of Dukes but haven't tried it yet. Also heard of Low Country BBQ @ 635 South Jefferies Blvd., Walterboro. Dukes is better ?

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          I live here. Low Country BBQ must be from one of Littleman's long googled threads, and hasn't been in business for years -- I even made a drive by last year to see how I missed it after he posted a glowing recco....

          1. re: birgator

            Thanks birgator,

            Littleman was the source but it was from a while (maybe years) ago. I admit I am a hoarder of good food recommendations...

            Thanks again for the Duke's tip.

            PS If you are down near Brunswick, I had a great BBQ lunch at Gary Lee's Market.

    2. If you're going that far south you should try Skipper's Fish Camp in Darien GA...I stumbled upon it and can highly recommend. Their whole fried flounder (I know, I quit ordering fried fish in 9th grade, too) is spectacular. They insisted I try it and I'd been driving all day and had no willpower to resist. Glad of setting on the marsh...added bonus.

      1. Well,

        Hit Dukes on the way down and Skippers on the way back. Both were excellent.

        Tried alot at the Dukes buffet and all of it was excellent. Their Pulled Pork is killer.

        Had a more leisurely meal at Skippers. The setting overlooking the shrimp boats (season hasn't started yet) and food were well worth the slight detour off I95. The plump shrimp and crab cakes are a must. The delicious crab cakes are basically a meaty crab salad with very little filler that is flat top fried ! Really REALLY good.

        Thanks for the tips !!