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Jan 5, 2013 07:47 AM

Bronx Jury Duty


I am in need of lunch (and breakfast/coffee) suggestions for the area surrounding the Bronx Supreme Court. I haven't been in that area in a while but my memory is of a lousy cuchifritos place, a really bad "food court" in the nearby mall, a not great McDonald's and that's about it. Sorry if I'm being unfair but that's my memory and I need better choices. I am a big Bronx supporter and know you can find great food in this boro; just concerned that none of it is in this area. I am throwing this wide open - no restrictions on type of food. Please let me know about your best suggestions. Thanks!


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  1. I very much enjoyed a recent lunch of Jerk Chicken from Flava's on Gerard just south of 161st. Not a place with much character, but very good food and excellent value.

        I whole heartedly endorse The Feeding Tree and Fauzia's. Try Feeding Tree's homemade ginger beer. It'll put hair on your chest! The steam fish, jerk, oxtail and patties are great! Try their soups too!
        Also check out the Food Bazaar in the Comcouse Plaza (I think that's the name of the big grocery there). It has an amazing selection of ethnic specialties from the Caribbean and South America for you pantry and fridge.