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Jan 5, 2013 07:17 AM

ISO Most Decadent (Saturday) Brunch (anywhere) in Manhattan

For a staurday brunch, I am looking at options for the most decadent brunch menu available in Manhattan. I am talking white truffle and caviar and such. (this is probably not helpful but I am thinking of what a brunch menu would look like in, say, Le Cinq or even Ambroisie if that means anything).

I am hoping for something over and above the usual suspects like Breslin, Balthazar, Shopsins, Locanda Verde, 'Ino, but even 'more' than NoMad, Nougatine, Ai Fiori, etc.

I'm obviously fantasizing here, but any ideas nevertheless?

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  1. Well, you could get the (overpriced) caviar & truffle omellette at Norma's. It'll set you back a grand, but if you feel like living like a 1%er, enjoy. I'm sure it's not BAD, just not worth $1000. Or make that $1300 after tax, tip, and drinks.

    There's also Peacock Alley, famous for their (overpriced) $100 buffet. There's a fancy raw bar with caviar, probably no truffles though.

    Or just go to Per Se for lunch. Maybe there's seats in the Salon if the main dining room is booked. Bar Masa would be another option in the price range (and building)

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      Peacock Alley's buffet is available only on Sundays, and I love love love it! :)

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      1. < No Caviar or Truffle >
        Asiate will be one of my top choices. Food is just OK, but the views are great if you can get a window table.

        I enjoy brunch at Plaza Hotel's Palm Court mainly for its ambiance. Their food is just OK.

        < Caviar or Truffle >
        Caviar Russe (first six photos) will be the place for you.
        I truly love its food concocted by executive chef Chris Agnew (although I don't like the management too much).
        Don't forget to try their 'caviar butter' either.

        Petrossian (last four photos) has brunch menu that includes caviar, truffle, or foie gras too.