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Jan 5, 2013 05:05 AM

Affordable gluten-free products

I am a patient of Ulcerative Colitis. Although in first 5 years after diagnosis, I could eat whatever I want and still be in remission, things seem to have changed in last 2 years (since I moved to the US). I have never gotten into a remission. My gastro-enterologist suggested me to go meat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free for 6 months, to see if it helps.

I have become completely vegetarian and have embraced Indian style cooking (like lentils and stuff), so I have an idea what I can eat when it comes to vegetarian food. But Indian cooking is not really gluten-free friendly and I crave pasta, bread like crazy.

I am looking for affordable gluten-free products that I can incorporate in my daily food habits. A quick search on Amazon gave me a few results, like Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pagoda, 10-Pound Case for $43 but still this is about 4X expensive than regular Barilla pasta.

I was wondering if anybody knows any website that sells gluten-free products at reasonable costs (including shipping, of course) or any gluten-free food supply store in NYC or Hudson Valley that I could check out. I am ready to buy bulk to 10 lbs ot 20 lbs bags, if thats what it takes to save money.

Thanks a lot for all your comments.

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    1. You didn't mention oatmeal but Trader Joe's has GF oats for less than $4.00 a bag. More than Quaker Oats but way less than Bob's Red Mill. Can't help you on pasta; I pay $5.89 a pound!!

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        I got their list of GF foods today and will go through. I will hit the store on wednesday at 8.00 so that I can get some help from the staff.

      2. I feel your pain, my best friend is in your UC predicament and finds that she feels much better when she eats vegan and gluten free. There are tons of amazing recipes for this diet on - do check it out. She tells me that the vegan alfredo (on GF pasta) is to die for, and her desserts are more than wonderful. Hope this helps.