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Jan 5, 2013 05:00 AM

Swedish bakery products?

Growing up in Quincy we had Grahns which has been gone now for many many years. I miss the cardamom braids and almond tortes, but as far as I know there aren't any Swedish bakeries anywhere near. So, I'm thinking about ordering online from Swedish Bakery unless someone else can clue me in on where to find these products?

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  1. I believe Crown Bakery in Worcester is Swedish. Maybe too far for you, but still closer than on-online.

    Crown Bakery
    133 Gold Star Blvd
    Worcester, MA 01606
    (508) 852-0746

    1. Bolton Orchards in Bolton carries the Swedish/Finnish braided cardamom loaves made by a local Scandinavian baker. Call first before going because once they sell out, that is it until delivery the next week.

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        Thank you. I'll keep them in mind as they're closer than Worcester. I ended up ordering from Swedisuh Bakery in Chicago. Delivery charge was $20 for a cardamom braid; half dozen almond tortes and an apple ring. Hoping it's good .

      2. Ohlin's Bakery, Cushing Square in Belmont has limpa bread, cardamom braids and other Swedish pastries. And awesome donuts.

        1. There's not much, and Danish Pastry House doesn't cross the border. On the other hand, you can get some fika and pearl sugar at IKEA, natch.

          1. There is a place in Reading Center, right at the train tracks called Swiss Bakers- I think it is a chain, but it may have what you are looking for?

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              Swissbakers is great, but Swiss =/= Swedish. Not even close.