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Jan 5, 2013 01:07 AM


I would like to buy a nice bottle of Amaro for a friend in the States who is in love with it. She has tried all the ones that are available in Chicago/Milwaukee, but while in Rome, I was hoping to buy her a nice bottle. She loved Amaro di Abruzzo, which I brought back a couple years ago. Any suggestions on what to buy or where to go in Rome?

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  1. If Elizabeth Minchilli doesn't see your post, I'll post this on her behalf -- although she may have updates


    It's hard to guess what doesn't make it to the Chicago area, but maybe store staff can tell you what is hyper-local for a given region.

    1. A wonderful lesser known but still readily available amaro is Amaro del Capo, made in Calabria. I used to buy it in Florence, and order it here in Boston by the case so I would hope it would be available in Rome!

      1. I see that barbarinibee posted the link to my amari shopping tips in Rome.(thanks!) They still hold true.

        If you're in Testaccio then you can stop by both Palombi and Bernabei, which are both very well stocked.

        1. Vecchio Amaro del Capo from Vibo Valentia, Calabria is my first choice--a fragrant, not sweet, but brilliantly spicy/herbaceous amaro, without coloring. Look also for Centerba(Toro brand is fairly popular) from Abruzzo, a strong herbal digestivo not easily found in the US.

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            We bought a bottle of the Toro Centerba at Palombi (great store by the way, and worth looking at on this search) last fall. It is pretty strong medicine! What is the best way to drink it, Bob?

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              Jen, I had a very small glass with a touch of water in it. Complex and very strong--they now make a "dolce" version (not tasted) with lower alcohol and some more sweetness. I'll stick with del Capo, alas.