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Jan 4, 2013 08:40 PM

Making caramel. need pointers, tips etc.

i decided to make caramel for an upcoming baby shower. i wanted to either make


i've never made candy. i made truffle once a bunch of years ago and realized it was a total PIA. am i getting myself into something very difficult?

i also don't know what to wrap the candy in. what would work?

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  1. It's something you'll want to practice a few times, it's easy to go off the mark and burn it, temperature control is a dead must.

    Cut and wrap them in wax paper, not really exciting I know, but what I do is cut my squares with gift wrapping paper under it, then twist and tie with ribbon for a definitive "I made this special for you" touch.

    1. The Smitten Kitchen apple cider caramels are pretty easy as these things go, and very good. The timing she gives for it to come up to temp once you add everything to the cider is accurate. Just keep the burner at a very moderate heat.

      Wax paper will work, and if you don't want to cut tons of squares, you can buy a pack of Lorann twisting wax paper wrappers for a few bucks at a place that sells candy-making supplies.