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Jan 4, 2013 08:37 PM

Help...gluten-free in DC!

I live in San Francisco but will be in DC in a few weeks. I used to live in DC but wasn't gluten-free at the time. I need to find a few GF-friendly options for brunch and lunch/dinner, ideally in the district but one or two in Virginia would be ok as well. Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated! And, thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Dino has gluten free options and list them on their menu.

    Ray's the steaks is easy for gluten free

    We like small plates like Bar Pillar and Estadio when we go out with our gluten free friends...

    1. Rasika, as well as Zaytinaya and Ripple, but Rasika is your best bet.

      1. Firefly has a gluten free menu. They are open for both brunch and dinner. Hamilton might also be a good option since I have found they pretty much have something to suit every taste. If you like mussels you might want to check out Brasserie Beck which is sure to have some gluten-free options.

        1. I think that most Vietnamese food (with the notable exception of banh mi) is gluten free. I ate at Minh's, in Clarendon, recently, and the waiter was very helpful in identifying gluten free items on their menu (their spring rolls are GF).