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Jan 4, 2013 07:49 PM

Mighty Quinn's BBQ

ln the former Van Daag space at 2nd Av. and 6th St. Very friendly staff, very serious smoker (which the pit master graciously opened up to show me the inside).

l tried the brisket, pulled pork and a side of sweet potato casserole with maple and pecans. Despite the apparent seriousness and good intentions of the place, l found it underwhelming: the brisket was pretty dry, with just so-so flavor; the pulled pork, while nice and moist, didn't have much flavor either, and wasn't really sauced. l'm not a tremendous fan of pulled pork, but that's mainly because l'm not crazy about the sauce that it's usually mixed in with. l was kind of excited by the idea of theirs when l saw it, as it seemed to rely on the meat itself. Alas, the flavor missed the mark: it was in serious need of the good quality bbq sauce [sweet, but not too sweet] that they provide in glass bottles on the long, central wooden table.

The best part of the meal was the sweet potatoes, which were terrific: not overly sweet, with a wonderful crunch every time l got some pecans in a forkful. The free pickle accompaniments were very good too, especially the pickled hot red pepper. The brioche bun that came with it was also just ok; personally, l'd prefer a potato roll.

Hopefully they'll improve, as it'd be a shame to have all that high-tech smoking kit putting out only average 'cue. As it stands, l find the flavor better overall at Georgia's East Side BBQ, and the brisket much better at Fette Sau, RUB and Hill Country. One thing they can't be faulted on are the prices: with just water to drink, a filling dinner for two came in at less than $25.

And l do think it's a shame that Van Daag closed, as it was a really nice place to have in the neighborhood.

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  1. unfortunately RUB closed last week.

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      Well. That sucks. Another reason to hate the ass that drove thru its window.

    2. Stopped in for some brisket on Super Bowl Sunday. It was pretty quiet and they were out of a lot of items, as I'm guessing they did a bunch of catering orders that day. I enjoyed the brisket overall. We ordered a pound to share. Ours wasn't dry at all. The meat was pretty fatty, though it did need a little bit of seasoning here and there. They actually sprinkle some maldon sea salt on your cut meat before giving it to you, which was a nice touch. Our friend got the brisket sandwich and eventually gave up on the brioche roll.

      Overall, the meat quality is seems slightly higher at Mighty Quinn's than Hill Country, but it doesn't taste as nicely smoky as Brisket Town's. Brisket Town's is my current favorite.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Good to know, thanks. Nick Solares, from Serious Eats, says the quality has been steadily improving since my visit; l'll definitely revisit it soon.

      2. I've eaten at Mighty Quinn's 7-8 times at lunch and have to say they make the best BBQ I've had in NYC. I've had both their brisket (fatty not lean) and their pulled pork sandwiches and loved them both. Wasn't a big fan of their beans. I've eaten a lot of BBQ having spent time in KC, TX, NC,SC, GA and FL so I'm fairly well versed in what is good and bad bbq. MQ's is pretty good in its own right and is great relative to the local competition. It's a shame RUB closed but I would recommend BBQ fans to give Mighty Quinn's a try.

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        1. re: Fallon

          l tried Shopsin's bbq pork for the first time a couple of weeks ago; it was amazing, probably the best l've had in the city so far. l can't compare it to southern regional bbq, because l have no experience in that area, but man was Shopsin's good. lf you haven't tried it, l strongly recommend that you give it a shot.

          Did you put the bbq sauce that's on the table on the pork from MQ, or did you leave it alone?

          1. re: howdini

            The Shopsins BBQ sauce by the way consists of Frank's mixed with Sriracha, with some apple cider vinegar and black pepper.

            If you like pulled pork with excellent sauce, find Big Bob Gibson's at the Big Apple BBQ every June.

            1. re: howdini

              I've eaten at Shopsin's quite often but haven't been since Sandy hit. I've had their bbq pork numerous times, usually as part of an egg/breakfasty dish. It's good, as most of their dishes are, but I've never thought of Shopsin's bbq pork as being real BBQ. I actually assumed they bought it pre made and it was almost an accompaniment to the dishes I've had there.

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                When I get the pulled pork sandwich at MQ's, they put sauce on it when they make it so I don't use the sauce from the table. Sometimes with the brisket sandwich, I use the sauce as they don't put any sauce on it. I'm not a huge fan of their sauce it's a little too vinegary for my taste. My favorite BBQ sauce is KC style vs NC style or TX style. Some people find KC BBQ sauce too sweet though which I can understand.

            2. I like Georgia's BBQ ribs a lot, I like Fette Sau's brisket. Hill Country disappoints ( especially the ribs). Too bad RUB closed it wasn't great but it was decent.
              Thanks for the review on Mighty Quinn. I'll wait a month or so, perhaps they will figure out how to make great BBQ

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              1. re: foodwhisperer

                Those burnt ends at RUB were really good; the one or two times l was able to get there for Monday night hamburgers were pretty enjoyable, too. lt looks like the recent consensus on MQ is that they're doing much better than when they first opened, so maybe now's a good time to go...