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Jan 4, 2013 07:14 PM

Ketchup debacle at Subway

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  1. Here's a more detailed article from a local source:

    Of course it's an Orlando story! From the city that brought us Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman, now we have the Subway vigilante!

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      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

        "WFTV found out his case might be forwarded to the State Attorney's Office to determine whether or not to prosecute him."

        Well, he did request ketchup on a Philly cheese steak. He needs to be prosecuted.

        1. re: Clams047

          Hehehe Lou!

          Back when I was in college I worked at a subway in the central florida area. The Orlando Subways are notorious for bad service because the franchise owner was not very good to the employees in terms of pay, environment, etc, and if food cost were even a tad bit high we would be threatened it would be taken out of our check. Even thought the subway motto reads if it isn't right the first time we'll make it again for free"

          Customers would use this to their advantage to try to get a free some and take away the "messed up" sub for free.

          Customers would be rude and scream when we only put 6 olives on a footlong and then wanted more but didn't want to pay the upcharge for the extra olives.

          Anyway my point is some customers are rude and when you work in a place like that you're bound to snap. Not saying the guy was right, just saying that environment lends well to it.

          1. re: Clams047

            Indeed. But it didn't sound as though the employee's impetus was the culinary faux pas.

            1. re: Clams047

              He request ketchup on a *Subway* Philly cheese steak. That's enough of an abomination that I think the Subway employee gave up any right to critique a customer's condiment choices.