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Jan 4, 2013 06:34 PM

george forman grill

is it true food cooked on the grill plates,when closed,actually trap moisture and steams the food. if this is so how do the grill marks get on the food. I have been told the food is actually steam cooked. but being steamed i dont see how it can have the brown grill marks?

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  1. All foods when being cooked release some steam.. The grill marks are made from the heat source coming in contact with the flesh....with two plates, the flesh is being cooked from both top and bottom. since the GFG has open sides, the steam cannot be trapped within the unit. Food is steamed when the heat source derives from liquid....not from the food itself. Food can steam after it has been cooked, but it cannot steam itself to be cooked.

    I would argue whoever told you this is incorrect.

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          With due respect, you are placing too much trust in what you read on the internet.....which certainly could be argued against myself as well.

          Link #1: If the meat is in contact with the grill plates, where exactly can the steam form? If the steam cannot get between the meat and the plates, then it cannot cook it from the top or bottom.

          Link #2: The comments do not reflect for variables that can happen with any electric fry pan/grill, or fry pan on the stove. A few possible causes for there not being any grill marks:

          * too much moisture on the surface of the meat
          * loss of heat on the grill plate (recovery time)
          * an overworked inferior unit.
          * thin pork chops, not enough time to cook to make any marks.

          The mere fact Teriyaki sauce was used should tell you there is a problem with heat. Teriyaki sauces have brown sugar or molasses in it...sugar she says the Teriyaki ended up in the reservoir.

          You need to be realistic in the depth of color expected on the grill marks as well. without any fat in the protein, it will not burn as easily.

        2. link 1 could they be talking about between plate and the meat,evaporation isl;imited and thus steam? what u said makes a lot of sense. just still hung up with link 1

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            I've used the GFG and others, e.g. Hamilton make burgers, fish an chicken cutlets. They came out with grill marks....some light, some dark....overall, I'd rate them as a good convenience item for many.

            Food items they are exceptional for....Panini, Buritto and Grilled Cheese.....the later if you use butter, you can really see how efficient they are for making grill marks.

            My favorite thing to use the GFG......reheating pizza.

          2. sorry. but dont understand .the trapped moisture in link 1 is not true