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Jan 4, 2013 06:02 PM

South Beach Bar and Grill takes it ALL

Easily. Easily. The best calamari AND grilled mahi taco in SD. No discussion, No comparison

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  1. Hold your horses...before you yelp too loudly about SB, go eat a taco mariscado from El Pescador truck in the Toys-R-Us lot off L st in Chula Vista. Then discuss and compare to your hearts content.

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    1. re: SaltyRaisins

      Where's the LIKE button when you really need one...

        1. re: Tcat619

          Yeah, a roach coach. Have you tried it? Any food truck is nothing but a roach coach that's been spit polished up a bit to look nice and shiny. This one just chooses to park in Chula Vista rather than Sorrento Valley

          El Pescador is the real deal, and only a buck, or maybe it's up to $1.25 now. And while you're in that parking lot be sure to try the Torta Ahogada truck - get the spicy sauce - it's the real deal too.

          Provecho :-)

          1. re: Tcat619

            SBB&G is as authentic as Taco Bell or El Torito. They literally do everything wrong - from the flour tortillas to the melted yellow cheese, to the ranch dressing, to the lacking-in-flavor-or-spice "salsa" they drown the fish with - there's not a single aspect of their fish tacos that bears any relationship to a Baja fish taco outside of the piece of fish.

            Your assumption that food from a food truck owned by people from Baja is automatically inferior to the glorified bar food at SBB&G (because furniture?) is misguided.

            Before dismissing the mariscos trucks as "roach coaches" maybe you should try one for yourself and come to your own informed conclusion?

            1. re: Josh

              I don't see the OP caring about authenticity. Does South Beach even claim the tacos are Baja style? (i can't remember)

              South Beach doesn't make the best fish taco in San Diego, but it is likely the best place to eat a fish taco. New upstairs bar has a great view, you can get better-than-average craft beer, and they have a variety of fish to choose from.

              Now if I could just get a corn tortilla and have them keep 90% of that pico de gallo off...

              1. re: MrKrispy

                If the OP hadn't included the absurd hyperbole of "hands down" and "no discussion" maybe I would have been less annoyed. IIRC, they do sell a fish taco they refer to as Baja style because the fish on it is fried.

                1. re: Josh

                  I'd cut the OP some slack as it's their first run on CH. You being annoyed does nothing to help the OP. SBB&G's baja style fish tacos, especially at Happy Hour prices, with a slight tweek by getting the sauce on the side can be acceptable. BTW - how are the baja style fish tacos in SF these days?

                  1. re: cstr

                    That doesn't seem to exist up here.

                    1. re: cstr

                      Yeah, to be fair to the OP, when I lived in nyc, I originally thought taco bell was mexican and then when chipotle opened up, I thought that was authentic mexican(in those days there were no mexican bistros, just tex mex). I wish I could go back in time and slap myself now though. As far as the OP goes, your best bet is to try some of the places mentioned by the regulars here then add your 2 cents, I personally have been going to places talked about on chowhound for 2 years, and just joined it 2 weeks ago.

            2. re: SaltyRaisins

              'Before you Yelp to loudly'
              Love that Salty!

              Their decent fish tacos with that OB vibe going but they gotta get rid of that ranch dressing crap..

            3. First, welcome to CH, hope you enjoy the ride! As for the classic baja fish taco, you'll need to do a tad more to compare SBB&G to other places that offer fish tacos. As DD states, the taco truck at the Toys R us lot in CV offers one of the best. To begin the comparision, SBB&G uses a sauce very similar to ranch dressing. As far as a food truck being a roach coach, SBB&G is no sterile palace! Have you tried other fish tacos? Notice I didn't even talk calamari, while SBB&G cut their calamari in strips instead of rings, there's nothing special about them. There are an abundance of places that offer the common fare and do it pretty well.

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                  1. Since moving to SD a few years ago I realized the personal preference for fish tacos is all over the place. I ate a grilled Mahi at SBB&G and didn't want to finish it. I went back eventually to give it another try (grilled and fried) and it was better but I won't ever be getting tacos there again. My favorite would have to be from Pacific Beach Fish Shop, or even Shore Club. To me its about how the toppings come together with the fish. At SBBG who whole taco is just way too boring flavor-wise, for my tastes.