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Jan 4, 2013 05:54 PM

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Products- Favorites

I have to go on an elimination diet the next few weeks. I printed the Trader Joe's gluten free an vegan lists to see what products will work.

I have heard some of the gluten free products are not great- just wanted to see if anyone could recommend some of the prepared foods that might make this diet a little less painful.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have to eat gluten free and have not checked out TJ;s, but I will say if you have to have gluten free sandwich bread, Whole Foods has a private label bread that is the best I have had and it is the same size as normal bread.

    French Market Bakery also has some really good gluten free bread options.

    I cook a lot and can say that gluten free flours def taste different than regular flour and can taste the difference when I make gumbo

    1. Trader Joes is not my go to place for GF products. Lots of controversy in the GF community because some people have had reactions to certain products despite being labeled GF- I am not saying this to condemn TJ's but if you accidently had something would gluten it would wreck your test!. I would suggest that you try not to replace foods with GF versions (ie flours and breads). Fruits, veggies, potatoes, rice, animal proteins ( you mentioned vegan but I am not sure if you are) are all GF.

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        Not vegan, but cutting out dairy as well. I already attempt to avoid soy- unless it is organic and even then rarely.

        Good to know about TJ products, this is really hard and I don't want to mess it up in anyway and have to repeat it.

        I just think the substitutes are the only way I will survive it- unless I live on coke and gluten free ruffles- which was what I did my first two days as nothing else in the cafeteria was confirmed as being gluten free.

        I am having a difficult time because my schedule really does not permit me organizing food and eating at home I may try to find some crock pot recipes, because they may be my best bet to control ingredients.


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          I think that if I was in your shoes, I would get ( and TJ has these I believe) some microwave rice bowls - they come in brown rice too. Top with some grilled protein and veggies. Add some fruit. Portable, easy, no frills and controled.

      2. These are snack foods that may help tide you over (marginally better than DC and chips!): organic olive oil popcorn, LaraBars, 70% dark chocolate bars, organic dry roasted almonds (lots of nut choices, depending on what oil choices you are including), guacamole and 100% corn tortilla chips

        Easy portable actual foods include: prosciutto to wrap around pears, hummus (check individual varieties for GF) with veggies and olives, canned tuna or salmon to top green salad from cafeteria.

        Not really the prepared foods you're looking for, but you may need to stick to fresh protein, veggies, and fruit to stay the course. Prepared foods can be very dicey, particularly when you are eliminating several categories.

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        1. re: maxie

          I think those are great suggestions. Thanks so much. I have learned my lesson about prepared foods and hidden ingredients.

        2. Well, not vegan but my son loves the mac and cheese, udi's bread, frozen pizza and cc cookies. I do like the CC cookies.

          Also - they GF oats are a good option there.

          Most of the other things we do there are naturally GF - nuts, dried fruit, peanut butter, yogurt, almond meal and unsweetened almond milk. Kids also do the tamales.

          Not fans of the waffles without toasting super well and topping, then I like them. I don't like the pancakes, but I seem to be in the minority. Snickerdoodles are OK, but not great. Gingersnaps are fine for crusts. Hate the brownie mix - it is my son's nemesis b/c people trying to be nice always bake it for him and he hates them. He feels like he has to eat them.

          We don't do a lot of their prepared sauces without doctoring them up quite a bit.

          1. If you're going to do an elimination diet, stick to unprocessed food, or you really might not get an accurate read of yourself. I'm another celiac who has definitely reacted to apparently gluten free packaged food from TJ's (and other places, nothing special about TJ's) and the reality is that unless something is made in a facility where they're running ELISA tests and cleaning between GF and G food, well, you just don't know. This will probably be hard enough for you that you won't want to have to do it twice.

            Hope you're like me and you go WHOA BABY I feel better when I don't eat X! (I'm 4 years GF and sooooo much healthier!)