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Jan 4, 2013 05:21 PM

Rehearsal dinner within 15-20 minutes of Morristown

We will be having about 65 people (more like an out-of-town guest night-before dinner...)! It will be a Friday night in May. Looking for good food and especially a big room with nice atmosphere. Suggestions??


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    1. Tim Schaefer's in Morristown, if it can hold that many.

      1. Fourunder, I love that idea, going to meet with them today! I'll let you know how it goes. Nochef, I thought about Tim Schaefer's... Don't think they can hold that many. Is the food good there?

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          One thing you need to know about larger parties.(20+). Restaurants serve tables.....Catering facilities are in the business of running parties and know how to serve multiple functions at the same time while not compromising on service and quality.

          If you book, get there early, have a cocktail and enjoy it on the outside patio. You will not see a better view to the east and the New York City skyline.

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            They should change the name of this site to Chow-Fourunder. Lol The man is again correct!

        2. We went to Highlawn- as much as I've heard about it, I've never been. The restaurant is nice and I loved the wine cellar. But, for our sized perty, we'd be upstairs only (cocktails, dinner). It's nice but a little far and a little pricey (~$85 pp for 3 courses and alcohol). Upstairs could use some renovating too... We'll see- keeping it in mind.

          Spoke to the Harvest Restaurant folks- seems like their only venue which could fit us would be 3 West. Semi-private space, again, 20 min drive. What do you think about that?

          Other ideas?? Ruth's Chris in Parsippany?

          Thanks again for your help- keep it coming!!!!

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            My son had his Wedding back in November.....the majority of out of town guests were staying at The Short Hills Hilton. The Catering/Wedding Planner Manager suggested Fiorino in Summit for the Rehearsal Dinner....and the Huntley Tavern. Roots was suggested as well, but their price will probably exceed what you have indicted.

            I had posed a similar query here:


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              Thanks so much! I'll take a look. Where did you end up having it?

              1. re: jmarx

                The River Palm Terrace, Fair Lawn location,

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                I should clarify, if the food and ambiance are perfect, cost can be more

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                Il Villaggio? Bretton Woods? Il Giardino?

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                  I can only speak to Breton Woods. it is a lovely setting, I have been there several times in the last few years, most recently in November. The food is OK, nothing exceptional, pretty standard banquet fare.

              4. Bernards Inn's Silver vault would be perfect