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Favorite food items at Costco? [moved from Austin board]

What am I missing? What are your favorite food items at Costco?

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  1. Meat
    Seafood Roadshow
    Andy Boy Romaine 6-Pack
    Haricot Vert
    Haagen Daz
    Precooked Bacon

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    1. re: fourunder

      I've never gotten (or seen) the precooked bacon. What brand is it?

      1. re: Leepa

        Ours carries Hormel Precooked Bacon. I actually prefer the Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon. I would never have tried it, but they offered a sample one day and I was hooked.

        Kirkland premium vanilla ice cream is on my husband's list of items I must get every time I shop. As are the Kirkland whole coffee beans.

        Other items I buy regularly:
        6-pk romaine lettuce
        fresh spinach
        broccoli florets
        brussels sprouts
        6-pk red bell peppers
        campari tomatoes
        spinach and artichoke spread
        kirkland greek yogurt
        la brea sandwich rolls
        kirkland chocolate chips
        kirkland butter
        kirkland sheets and towels (love them)
        kirkland laundry detergent
        just about every cheese they sell
        ground turkey
        rotisserie chickens
        milled flax seeds
        chai seeds
        cento tomatoes
        zone protein bars
        sliced almonds
        shelled pistachios
        shelled pecans

        I could go on and on.

    2. The best honeydew and cantaloupe melons. Usually terrific peaches and nectarines. Good cheeses.

      1. Also they have good artichokes, not the weird "globe" ones that Central Mkt carries, but real California style. Good seafood, roasted chicken, jars of green olives stuffed with garlic and jalapeno. Pine nuts & maple syrup the same quality as elsewhere, but cheaper.

        1. I got an awesome whole beef tenderloin there for Christmas dinner. It was already mostly trimmed (I did a little trimming and cut it into two roasts). I think it was $16/lb or so, it was $96 for a more than four pound slab of beef that had very little waste. I think the untrimmed ones were around $12-13/lb.

          Other favorites/good bargains are the chevre, kirkland brand plain soymilk, spinach ravioli, and package of 6 romaine hearts. It's kind of tough for a single person, though, because of the size of so many of the products.

          1. 1) Tri-Tips

            The steaks / roasts that Costco labels as "Tri-Tips" are excellent on the BBQ smoked with hickory hardwood. They are delicious that night, then delicious from the freezer 1 month later.

            Before grilling, I cut them to be the right size for slicing into spinach salads for leftovers.

            Next time with these tri-tips I'm going to try the "scruffing" technique I heard about on the NPR podcast that worked really well w/ a rib-eye on cast iron last week.. http://www.amazon.com/dp/1579654657/?...

            2) Shrimp salad

            There's something classic and delicious about their shrimp salad. My mom loved it and it makes me miss her. Month after she passed I walked by it and started crying right there.

            3) Organic blueberries

            Hands down, once a year, Costco has the best deal on organic blueberries anywhere.

            1. Tassos jalapeno-garlic olives, frozen meatballs, Handy crab cakes, Tri-tips (but you have a buy a bunch of them to get a good price). They also have the best prices on Valdeon (seasonal) and Papillon Roquefort (both about ~$14/lb - Whole foods wants $28 and $38 for the same stuff). Also, the Delice de Borgnone triple cream. La Brea bread - ciabatta and rosemary loaf for me. Those handy 6 x 4 packs of chicken thighs. #10 cans of nacho cheese sauce [blushing], salted caramels and toffee logs, Famous Daves spicy pickle chips (to which I add 12 shakes ot Melinda's Naga Jollokia hot sauce), 3lb chubs of Columbus Salami (now shrunk to 1.9lbs), Kettle brand potato chips, and the 42-packs of Omeprazole to wash it all down with.

              It's just too bad their hot dogs suck lately. Always grey and tasteless as if they've been simmering all day. And they don't have the Carne Asada Bakes any more.

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                hi sqwertz,

                Have you tried HEB's delicious frozen Italian meatballs? If yes, are Costco's better?

                What do you you use the "Delice de Borgnone triple cream" for?


                To add to the Costco list, for clean-ups, Costco is the only source I know of the cleaning wipes in a package that is relatively FLAT, vs those tall cylinders. They are 3 to a pack.


                This is the main thing I can't forget on my next Costco run. These fit into shallow drawers in any bathroom or kitchen.

              2. Pretty much everything, Costco price and quality float my boat!

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                  Same here - I don't know what I'd do without Costco!

                2. I get the packs of chicken thighs and drumsticks to feed my dogs raw. Organic carrots, bags of avocados, presidente brie, lemons (meyer when they have them) broccoli florets, lately containers of blackberries.
                  Even got a four tier metal shelf to put some of my goodies on last week.
                  Your turn WSZsr. What is on your regular list?

                  1. Pretzel bread chips,
                    Greek yogurt dip
                    Coconut pieces-
                    Blue crab dip
                    Seaweed salad-though I believe some think it's too sweet
                    Horseradish cheddar
                    Goat cheese
                    This list goes on and on.....
                    Printer ink

                    Whatever is on mark down!

                    1. Purchased 2 of those delicious full loaves of Sourdough last week on Sunday.

                      On Wednesday, was using a bread knife to cut a slice for toast before going to bed. The crust was a little harder at that point. I cut an end piece off to discard.

                      Then, at the beginning of the next slice... the serrated bread knife slid off the top and over / into my left index finger that was holding the loaf.

                      Blood everywhere. 7 stitches later... OUCH.

                      I'm always careful and aware of my thumb when cutting. This one took me by surprise.

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                      1. re: sweet100s

                        That is awful sweet. Not a very relaxing way to end the day.
                        For recent purchases the almond bark is cheering me up on some of the dreariest days of the year. Very fresh tasting.

                        1. re: givemecarbs

                          I saw they were demoing the bark at Costco the other day. I whistled past it.

                          Sweet could have used some of that bark to smooth out the pain of a serrated knife cut. Nothing soothes more than chocolate. OK maybe mashed potatoes, but still.

                          1. re: Sal Vanilla

                            Thank you for the compassion Carbs and Sal!

                            Stitches are out, and I have a little numb spot around it.

                      2. I've heard folks talk about their rotisserie chickens and even heard someone joke about it on TV once time, "You're going to Costco? Don't forget a rotisserie chicken!"

                        What's the big deal? Are they *that* good?

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                        1. re: MysticYoYo

                          Yeah, they're that good. The San Francisco Chronicle did a taste test of a bunch of rotisserie chickens a while back and found Costco's the best. Positive points: The price, actually less than Costco charges for the same bird raw. Flavor and moistness are excellent. Are they brined or injected with saltwater or moisturizers? I don't know, and frankly, don't care. Negative points: While the seasoning is nice, it never changes. Even when I lived up the street from a Costco, I sometimes roasted chickens myself so I could use different flavorings (typically lemon, garlic and/or onion, rosemary and/or sage ... or a tandoori spices and yogurt marinade).

                          1. re: emu48

                            i once catered a party for 60 people and for one dish my girlfriend and i disjointed several of those chickens and served the pieces arranged on a platter with garnish.

                            everyone loved them.
                            nobody figured out that they were costco.
                            (we got rid of the packaging before any guests arrived)

                          2. re: MysticYoYo

                            They are tasty. Consistently cooked, with flavor permeating into the meat.

                            They are also larger than other rotisserie birds found at local grocers. For a family of two, one bird can be part of three meals (if you save the carcass for soup).

                            After more than ten years, the price has not changed; still $4.99.

                          3. the SUGAR SNAP PEAS that they carry in the fresh vegetable refrigerator.

                            their peas, unlike the ones that are carried in the regular market are stringless and sweet and crispy every time

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                              while packaging says nothing about stringing snap peas my sister insisted they needed it. and i did wind up with a pile of strings. not sure if it is necessary, they are very good just don't overcook, 5 minutes was too long.