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Jan 4, 2013 04:26 PM

Santa Barbara

Can anyone recommend a great dinner restaurant in Santa Barbara?
Driving from LA for one night. Can be high end or not, just really relish!

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  1. You'll find lots of recommendations on the general California board.

    We love Opal right downtown on State Street!

    (and we love Crushcakes if you want a great chocolate cupcake!)

    1. Here is what I would recommend in the following order:

      1. Julienne
      2. Scarlett Begonia - if they are serving dinner that night
      3. Any of the standards: buchon, Downey's, Wine Cask, Olio y Limone
      4. Seagrass - getting very good reviews, but have not been to the new management yet
      5. Relais de Paris - a French chain restaurant (of all things) also getting great reviews for its limited menu - have not tried it yet myself
      6. LaSuperica Taquaria - #15 special
      7. If your visit is after its reopening in March, 2013 - The El Encanto Hotel and Restaurant
      8. Plow and Angel at San Ysidro Ranch
      9. Gianfranco's in Carpinteria
      10. Brummi's for German potato pancakes, sausages, potato salad, saurkraut, apple fritters and draft beer.

      11. Breakfast at Renaud's the next morning