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Dec 10, 2005 01:19 PM

World class Sausage in Sacramento

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Stopped at Morant's (5001 Franklin Blvd) yesterday on my way home and man that place is the bomb!! I got a couple of the small Nuremburger sausages some brunschivger ( I mean I can't spell english very well, German???? give me a break!!!) That guy makes some of the best sausage in the country. He apprienticed for 5 years in Germany and Austria and he's been here for 15 or 20 years now. This is as good as it get's in my opinion. Small offering of imported German stuff too but that's not the reason to go there the reason is the fresh sausage.


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  1. Incredible news, thanks!
    I look forward to checking them out.

    Do they have any hot items available for take-out, or is it a strictly cook-it-yourself kind of place?

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    1. re: SizzlingJoe

      Basically it's take it home and cook it.


      1. re: Robert

        I thought they served German fare (a few sandwiches, some salad, etc.) and had a couple of small tables when I was there. However, my memory can't be trusted.

        1. re: BN

          No tables. They might make sandwitches but I've never got any. Potatoe salad but not the hot German style which I found a disappointment. I don't think they serve food to eat as much as they serve food to cook

          Enjoy, Robert

    2. Does anyone know what happened to the K-Z Pork Store at J and 36th? At one time they supplied sausages to the German tavern down the landjaegers around...and a small but very interesting selection of fresh sausages.

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        I worked there for almost year back in 1996. Joe, Maria and Bobby Martin. The were great people. I think Maria was sick and Joe also became ill also. They were supplying Weiner Works in Sac. Had an old fashioned smoke house that used a hickory and alder wood. The German Bar next store also brought a lot business. They were doing Chacuterie and sausages like no one else. "Hind sight" should have bought the business, when had the chance. I had no help or experience. The Martin family was wonderfull and very old school. They lived for base ball! I got the Landjaeger recipe. Chefj71

      2. There are some good deli's in West Sac, on many of the main streets; look in the older shopping center/minimall places. You'll find Polsh or Russian deli's, bakeries, produce stores, etc. One deli had Russian salami-style sausage in a square shape rather than round.

        Lots of great European food in those tiny stores.

        1. I moved out of Sacramento in 1973. For years whenever I went to visit my mother I went to the KZ Pork Store and stocked up on lanjagers. The absolute best sausage (dried, no refrigeration needed) I've ever eaten. I wish I could find them somewhere now. When my mother died I quit driving to sad losing Mom and lanjagers. Does anyone know of another source?

          1. Morant's is also the very best place to get good old-fashioned hams...the bone-in, rind on kind that have no additives! Order ahead....especially during the holidays! Yum, yum!!!!