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Homemade Brunch - no egg no meat no gluten?!?

I am making brunch for some friends tomorrow. One does not eat meat (fish is ok), one is allergic to eggs, and one is allergic to gluten. Oy.

I was thinking Israeli or Turkish style brunch with cheeses, cucumber tomatoe salad, yogurt, honey etc. but it doesn't feel like enough.

Any other ideas? TY!

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  1. Something with potatoes maybe, like a hash of some kind?

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        Myself + 3 adults and a toddler who luckily eats everything :)

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          One of my most memorable breakfasts was years ago at an inexpensive bed and breakfast run by a Turkish man and his extended family (in Delaware!), which included a breakfast buffet. They had the steam pans of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, potatoes, etc., plus boxes of cereal and a basket of fruit, but they also had a place at the end of the line which, I’m sure, was meant mostly for the family. Great yogurt, cheeses (one like feta and one more like provolone - I wish I had asked), sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, black olives (the first olive-cured ones I’d ever had), etc. I was the only guest to eat from that end of the table, and the very gruff landlord instantly adored me.

          I would personally love your idea, and might try and find a gluten-free falafel recipe to pan fry as a stand-in for the usual bacon-sausage-hash brown crispy element. Fruit salad would round out your menu.

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            I ended up doing a version of the Turkish breakfast with some more variety.

            I put together a bread basket - croissants, baguette slices, bialys, gluten free bread, and vegan muffins. Offered butter, honey, jams, and cream cheese.

            I sliced up some cucumber, avocado, tomato, and red onion on a platter. Put some oil cured olives in a bowl and some capers in a smaller one. I also put out ricotta salata, cremont cheese, and smoked salmon. Made some bacon for the meat eaters.

            I wanted to also make some eggs but hubby ate them all without me realizing and thus I didn't have any.

            All in all everyone found something to eat and it went well!

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              I would have been a very happy guest!

      2. The hash idea is great. Other suggestions: GF granola with fruit and yogurt, tofu scramble, or even something like this eggless/GF swiss chard frittata: http://www.theppk.com/2011/01/swiss-c...

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            +1 for the tofu scramble suggestion! There are a zillion online recipes but my favorite involves adding brewer's yeast for a unique, appealing flavor and nutritional boost. I've converted many tofu-phobic people to the wonders of tofu via a simple scramble - cheap, easy, and nutritious!

          2. Oatmeal with salmon hash and finished off with a yogurt, granola and fresh fruit parfait.

            1. Sautéed mushrooms and gluten free bread? The cafe up the road from me does a wonderful version with fried leaves mixed through and a side of a walnut buttery paste. I think they throw a tiny bit of rosemary in too.

              1. This is most likely the exact menu I would do:
                Gluten free bread/bagel topped with any or all of the following: cream cheese, avocado, tomato, cucumber, smoked salmon, capers.
                Potato home fries/hash browns and fruit salad on the side....

                Also pretty quick an easy if you microwave the potatoes before tossing in the pan.

                1. Maybe kedgeree, with the eggs on the side. Are grits or oatmeal safe for the gluten-free friend?

                  Your Israeli / Turkish style menu sounds very appealing. Would your guests be okay with you serving eggs and breads if they could take what they want and leave the rest? I'm sure you would have plenty to choose from. You could add some pita, bagels, hard boiled eggs, fruit, potatoes, smoked salmon, etc.

                  1. You can still serve the items -- just don't mix them together. The people who are allergic can still eat the other items.

                    I would do eggs, potatoes, and sausage or meat of some sort, toast, and fruit salad.

                    They could each not eat one item and still be OK.

                    1. If you're doing this again, consider tostadas: corn tortillas, vegetarian refried beans, chopped lettuce, tomatoes if they're in season, maybe cheese: you can assemble them ahead of time and slide them under a broiler just before serving.

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                          I was thinking something similar. Maybe some guacamole and salsa in bowls for people to add if they want. And a citrus fruit salad.

                        2. I'd make the normal brunch type food and they can each skip whatever isn't in their diet. The others can eat the eggs, meat or bread products. I would not make a whole meal without all of those. What is left, fruit and cheese?

                          1. rice pudding w/ roasted fruit, polenta cakes with smoked salmon, latkes and applesauce, yogurt parfait with fruit & GF granola

                            1. I looked to see if gluten-free people can eat rice and my impression is, yes they can. If that is correct, I suggest a popular English brunch dish, Kedgeree. Saute onions, golden raisins, and curry powder in plenty of butter. Add this hot to hot rice so the flavors blend. Just before serving, fold in some chunks of fresh salmon, poached. Serve this with lemon quarters and quartered hard-boiled eggs (which are on the side and can be skipped) and other condiments such as chopped parsley, chopped peanuts, toasted coconut, chutney, etc. Have hot buttered toast and hot tea. The basic dish should meet all needs and the things on the side are optional.

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                                This sounds interesting! I'll have to try this next time.

                              2. Other possibilities would be oatcakes, johnnycakes or spoonbread.

                                1. I guess rice is out, and oats too which surprised me. I'm told the list of principal glutens is represented by the mnemonic
                                  BROWS: Barley, Rice, Oats, Wheat, Spelt.

                                  Wild rice is one exception to the rule, since it isn't actually the same family as rice, and is in fact a grass rather then a grain. Gluten-free.

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                                    The "R" in the mnemonic stands for rye, not rice. And while you're correct that wild rice is a grass, the issue for the OP wasn't all grains - just those that contain gluten...so rice would have been fine.