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Jan 4, 2013 02:59 PM

las vegas choices,so many threads, so little time

Ok, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, one dinner ( other dinner nights already occupied by parties, no choices)

Am thinking - verandah, hash house a gogo, peppermill. breakfast
Lunch - Monta or raku, not sure what else, already been to LoS, maybe a lunch buffet? maybe Border Grill? settebello pizza?
Dinner - no clue, other 2 dinners at Raos and someplace in venetian.

Price range flexible but not as high as Guy Savoy, am from NYC so have lots of hugely expensive restaurants at home.

Know there are lots of threads like this but am still unsure. thanks for the help. will have car so traveling ok

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  1. Your breakfast choices are perennial favorites. The one obvious in its absence is Bouchon which is very good.

    You should consider the lunch special at Milos in the Cosmo. It is $20.13 for a three course lunch and it continues to receive rave reviews - many threads on the board. Last time I had the lunch I opted for the grilled octopus ($10 supplement) and it was outstanding.

    Sage is a good dinner option. Not nearly as pricey as Guy Savoy or JR and excellent food. Not sure if you are interested in the Charlie Palmer Cut of the Week special; great price point, but limited to the menu offered. Bottomless wine with the first two courses.

    1. Here's a link to my report on the trip I just returned from
      To save you reading it all - Milos in the Cosmopolitan is a great deal for lunch, Shaanxi Gourmet is a very low priced find with great noodles. And from previous trips, Sage at Aria is not to be missed.

      1. Switch Raku from lunch to dinner. Raku doesn't open for lunch. Make sure you call ahead for reservation.
        For lunch buffet, if you have lots of time, Studio B at M resort is a favorite with wine and beer included. Otherwise, the buffet at the Cosmopolitan is recommended for their small plate buffet.

        1. Payard at Caesar's for breakfast. They have a sit down and take out section. The sit down menu has really, really good food. If you're in a hurry, you can get their pastries, coffee, sandwiches and fruit cups at the take out counter.

          1. I just had dinner at Raku last third visit and perhaps the best one yet. This is a revelatory meal - I can't recommend it any higher. One of my top meals in my life.