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Jan 4, 2013 02:28 PM

post-concert dining suggestions?

I have a few concerts scheduled for an upcoming trip in April and would really love some sugeestions for post-concert dining for the following concert halls:

Salle Gaveau, 45 Rue La Boétie 75008 Paris, on a Monday night

Salle Pleyel, 252 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré 75008 Paris, on a Tuesday night

Theatre des Champs Elysees, 15 Avenue Montaigne 75008 Paris on a Wednesday night

Not looking for high art or a four-hour affair, just a wonderful late night supper at places that will take us in at 10:30pm or later.

Also any ideas for pre-concert drinks and nibbles would be greatly appreciated.

Most of the concerts start at 8 or 8:30pm and I'm guessing a good 90 minutes to 2 hours of concertizing.

Thanks in advance for the insights and suggestions.

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  1. Salle Gaveau. This part of the 8th is not exactly loaded with recommendable restaurants at a decent price-quality ratio. For pre-theatre nibbles, Le Mirasol on the rue Cambacérès/ rue Roquépine is a kinda sweet café du quartier. I've only been there for breakast or lunch so really can't say what it's like later in the day. On the other end of style and price spectrum, the bar at Le Bristol hotel on the rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré is wonderfully civilized and has some delicious Eric Fréchon-concocted sweet and savoury tapas/ bar food. In between in terms of both price and style, Le Boudoir on the rue Colisée (maybe a 5-7 min walk from the Salle Gaveau)... it's open until 2am as a wine-bar with surprisingly good bar food so could serve as a pre- or post-concert option. Moi, I'd probably pop in a taxi after the concert for Mini-Palais in the Grand Palais on the avenue Franklin Roosevelt or Le Grand Colbert on the rue Vivienne near the Palais Royal. Both are open well past midnight so there would be no rush to get you fed and out the door. Both are much favoured by the after-theatre crowd. Mini-Palais has the better food and more options (restaurant, bar etc). Le Grand Colbert's brasserie fare is not all that exciting and a little overpriced but the setting and the buzz are what makes this place so popular... and no need to order a full meal. For very trad cuisine, the landmark Chez Denise on the rue Prouvaires in Les Halles is open until 5am... a destination for gourmands of all kinds (in French, "gourmand" can mean a glutton as well as a lover of good food)... and it retains a quintessential parisien buzz and authenticity that never fails to delight.

    Salle Pleyel. It has its own very good restaurant (with an annual rota of celeb chefs... not sure who is the current one) for pre-theatre meals on performance days. At least 50€+. Even though eating so early usually makes me feel like a yokel, I must admit that the dinner + concert combo is convenient and always enjoyable. If you prefer a meal after the performance, the Brasserie Lorraine on the place des Ternes is just 5 mins away... great decor... foodwise, stick to the fruit de mer platters because the non-seafood dishes are pretty mediocre. The even closer La Marée on the rue Daru is very popular with the Salle Pleyel folks, totally fishy, a bit less expensive, and less buzzy.

    Théâtre des Champs Elysées. The immediate neighbourhood is pretty glitzy so be prepared for sticker shock. The Bar des Théâtres on the rue Jean Goujon (recently moved from the ave Montaigne) is the iconic pre- or post-theatre pit stop... and you get deported or something if you don't order the steak tartare. For just pre-concert drinks without having to take out a 2nd mortgage, Le Grand Corona on the other side of the Place de l'Alma. For something more rarified, the bar or the Galerie des Gobelins at the Hotel Plaza Athénée on the avenue Montaigne. Post concert, the very expensive and very see-and-be-seen Maison Blanche on top of the Théâtre des Champs Elysées has relatively decent food, a gorgeous view, lots of style and lots of attitude... minimum tab without wine is about 70€... I hate it but others love it. Or, Le Petit Marius on the avenue George V is pretty popular with Triangle d'Or plutocrats and yet still manages to have an enjoyable vibe and decent food (mostly seafood). But I'd head for the Mini-Palais... a memory-feeding 10-minute walk along the Seine past the Pont Alexandre III.

    1. I've had experience at two places:
      The Cafe Pleyel is open before concerts and has different chefs design the menus; right now it's Philippe Conticini's turn and I haven't eaten his stuff. The space is beautiful.
      As for the theatre Champs-Elysees, I've never been to the Maison Blanche on the top floor (it's only open PM's 8-11 and is pricy) but i have eaten at the corner at Chez Francis which is nothing special but as a brasserie is open earlier and later, which met my needs.

      1. One option maybe having a plate of charcuteries and cheeses and a glass of wine in a wine bar BEFORE your concerts.
        The problem is that the area where your concert venues are - the 8th around the Champs - sucks in terms of eateries. No, it just sucks in general.
        I have eaten a long time ago at Maison Blanche. Nice food lovely view. Comically dark. Could not read the menu. Asked the waiter to help me, and he couldn't readd it either. Silly restaurant conceit.
        The nearest wine bar I know and love is Le Rubis, 10 Rue du Marché Saint-Honoré. From there, metro line 1 or taxi can take you to your venues in about 15 minutes.

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          Doesn't Le Rubis close at 9:00pm?

        2. As PhilD said, i think le Rubis shuts down around 10.

          1. although Parigi did say 'before' concerts, so in that case you'd be good.