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Jan 4, 2013 02:08 PM

Midrange Sushi Restaurants


I am looking for a few Midrange Sushi Restaurants in HNL. Not too cheap, not too expensive, right in the middle. Nice places with delicious food leaving you feeling like you got a great bang for your buck.

Any recs?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would suggest Morio's Sushi on S King Street. My uncle enjoys going to Tadashi in the Pearl Kai shopping center. My cousin just came back from a dinner at Kats Sushi and said she loved it.

    1. I'm waiting for the real sushi hounds to chime in, as I don't go out of my way for sushi, but Imana's and Sushi King might fit your needs. Both are in the same block of S. King St. They are full-on restaurants with sushi bars. You can sit at the sushi bar, or at a table and order sushi off the menu with other choices. Sushi King is more of a local-style place, with an early-bird menu that has locals and some Japanese tourists waiting in line at 5:30 to get in. They are in a strip mall with a sizable parking lot.

      Imana's is more Japan Japanese-style, smaller, and harder to get a table after about 6:30, especially weekends...I think they take reservations before that, and there is usually a line waiting after that. Imana's is tucked back off the street behind another building, almost impossible to see unless you know to look for it, with a much smaller parking lot. We always take visitors here for a variety of things, including nabe and sushi, and have never been disappointed. They have two small tatami seating areas in the back which help create the more authentic ambiance.

      1. I'm gonna get slammed for this, but the Kahala and Pearl City Zippy's both have very respectable sushi bars. As far as I know it is only those two. And its not just ebi or toro. I've had everything from uni to california roll.

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          No, you're right about that. I forgot about them, but for decent sushi at a reasonable price without the atmosphere of a sushi bar (gotta sacrifice something right?) they definitely fit the bill.

          1. re: KaimukiMan

            i have eaten at the kahala zippy's sushi and it was not memorable. i would prefer genki or kuru kuru because they have much more variety, but the cost adds up, and i will get slammed for this too ><

            i enjoy gyotaku, both in town on king st and out in aiea. the specialty rolls are large and hearty. the one with shrimp tempura in it is my favorite. it's not sushi, but i didn't like the mochiko chicken - it was salty rather than sweet,which i am accustomed to.

            1. re: indelibledotink

              the last few times I have gone to genki were pretty bad. I would equate going to genki to going to a sit-down aloha sushi or kozo sushi. I agree that the zippy's sushi isn't memorable, but from the times I have eaten there, the quality is better than genki or kuru kuru.