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Jan 4, 2013 02:04 PM

Andouille Sausage

I've been wanting to try making gumbo and I'm wondering about the best place to get andouille sausage. I know it is available at Whole Foods, the Reading Terminal Market, and other places, but I have no idea of the relative quality (mostly in terms of authentic flavor). Anyone have any idea where to get the best?

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  1. this might help start your search. Love to hear what you end up trying.

    Have heard that Lemon Hill, Stateside and that undiscovered gem Marigold Kitchen each make their own andouille in house.

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      Thanks. I saw that thread. I'm looking more for something in Center City or Eastern Montco. I know I've seen it at one or more of the stands at RTM, I was just hoping to get a more specific recommendation for a vendor.

      Still mulling over the gumbo recipe. I may have to sample a few around the city to compare.

    2. Actually, find the Andouille in my local Giants to be pretty good

      1. Everyone says my shrimp & Andouille gumbo is to die for (it is!), and I'm sure there is better Andouille out there, but I always grab the stuff made by D'Artagnan that Wegman's sells (maybe Whole Foods too). Nicely spicy and works for me...

        Don't hate me because I use Filé, no okra!