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Jan 4, 2013 01:42 PM

Boucherie or Ye Olde College Inn?

Following an evening arrival I was hoping to grab a quick meal at one of the above spots on the way in. Have never been to Boucherie and have not been to Y.O.C.I. in ages (pre-Katrina). I know they're very different but remain interested in both. Have seen some mixed reports. Any words of wisdom on their respective qualities and strengths?

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  1. Never been to YOCI but went to Boucherie a few months ago and it was amazing and very reasonably priced. Really no weaknesses, except it can be quite loud and a little cramped.

    1. Been to YOCI but not Boucherie (except the bar/grill of the same name in the 60s/70s FQ). College Inn is worth going to but not in the league of the normal 20-30 N.O.fine dining places.

      It is more of the decent neighborhood restaurant type but differs from the Mandina's/Liuzza's as the atmosphere and food is a bit more upscale and a bit more non traditional.

      1. College Inn is doing its best to present as a chef driven restaurant but its just not there yet.

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        1. Boucherie. Not even close