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Jan 4, 2013 12:27 PM

Serving roasted chicken and ribeye roast for dinner. What's the best way to manage them both with one oven?

I'm hosting a dinner party tomorrow night and offered to serve oven roasted chicken and a ribeye roast, without thinking that they both need oven time. Two ovens would be great, but I just have one convection oven. I assume one of the meats will have to be reheated at dinner time, but how would you juggle this? Dinner is at 6pm. Thanks for any help!

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  1. How big is the roast, bones or boneless" Do you want to roast low and slow (recommended) Are you willing to rest the prime rib for two hours?

    How many chickens...what size are the chickens, under or over four pounds each? Or do you want to do cut-up baked chicken...both white and dark meat?

    Although the meats are different, your situation is exactly like the one in the link below. You can follow basically the same steps, but if you fill in the details and whether you can handle a knife to split the chickens (spatchcock), it's not too hard to accomplish your task...

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      Thanks fourunder. I didn't get a chance to reply before tackling the meal but I read the link you sent and it was helpful. Gracias.

    2. How wide is the oven and how large are the roasts? If possible, I'd cook them simultanously at 350, in separate pans on the same shelf, putting the chicken in earlier as it will need more time. This is feasible if both are 5 lbs or smaller and you have roasting pans just large enough to hold them.

      1. Do your rib roast low and slow (lots of threads with the technique - look for fourunder's method) - it can handle a good 45 min- 1 hr rest period, then crank the oven up and roast the chicken. Pop the roast back in the hot oven for a few min to warm it up. Agree with spatchcocking your chickens, they'll be done in no time.

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          This is what I would do, though I haven't tried. Probably no reason to put the rib roast back in if you tent it with foil while resting.

        2. Thanks everyone! I served this dinner last night and went the way of tacosandbeer... roasted the 6lb ribeye for 4 hours at 200, then roasted the 8lb chicken for 1hr45 at 325 (convection) while the beef rested. Then with the chicken resting, threw the beef back in at 500 to crisp the crust for 10 minutes. It worked out really great! But next time, I won't be overly ambitious with a dinner party and I'll stick to one meat for the main course.