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Boston Area Tapas

Other than the obvious Toro, I am looking through OpenTable to find a spot to try for tapas.

Any recommendations or opinions?

How are Bar Lola, Tapeo, etc...?

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  1. I'm one of the few who likes Dalí (many complain about flavor and price. I'm fine with both.) I lean toward the game (also good for teaching your twitchy friends about game, since portions are small), gorgonzola pork loin, and fried cheese with honey and caramelized onions. I don't do any shellfish there.

    1. I enjoyed my one visit to Estragon. Didn't think it was too far behind Toro actually, in that small sample size anyway.

      1. tres gatos in JP is wonderful. Check out Estragon and Taberno de Haro as well.

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          Am a fan of Estragon - I do love Taberno's wine list but find the food somewhat uneven and the prices a little "spendy".

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            we loved Tres Gatos in JP - just went last week, not perfect, but really good. Haven't been back to Taberno de Haro because we found it overpriced and not very good. Same goes for Tapeo. So far Tres Gatos is the best tapas we've had.

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              To play the necessary devil's advocate, I really don't like Tres Gatos. Granted, only been twice (once when they first opened and again a few months later) but I find the menu to be way to small (a terrible quality in a tapas place) and the food to be, "OK". Much prefer Taberna de Haro as the food is far more varied, of higher quality and the wine list is great and affordable.

          2. I also like Dalí as well as Solea (in Waltham). I've had really good experiences at both spots.

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              Solea, Tapeo and Dalí owned by the same (extended) family - several recipes overlap at these places.

              (B_Otter likely knows this, as a regular; posting for posterity)

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                Kika is also owned by the same extended family as Dali, Solea, Tapeo, and has significant menu overlap with them as well.

            2. Barcelona Wine Bar has apparently opened in Washington Sq. Brookline. You can check the menu online.

              1. +1 on estragon and taberna del haro.

                1. I'd also mention Casa B, which is more of a Puerto Rican / Caribbean tapas place in Union Square. Very tasty.

                  1. I do not recommend Masa, I've been very disappointed there.

                    For 'Italian tapas,' definitely Copa in the South End!

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                        I never tried but always wanted to...they used to..don't know about now..used to have a happy hour special of a pitcher of sangria and a tray of all their appetizers. That sounded like tapas to me.

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                          I really enjoy Masa's tapa plate for the "happy hour" 5-7... $5 gets you 10 pieces of unique items.

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                            I really like their copper bar, but guess I have only had drinks there. I had never seen their tapas menu before. it looks like a nice change from some of the more traditional/common tapas served at many places.

                      2. I would steer you away from Estragon. It had been on my list of new-ish places to try and we finally made in over there last week. The food was actively bad (good service, though) and given that the tab was about $125 for dinner for two and a pair of cocktails, I left feeling ripped off. The baby octopus was the rubberiest I can remember, the chard and chickpea dish was completely bland with only a handful of pieces of almond, scallops also bland, meatballs unremarkable, drinks too spicy (my husband kept coughing after taking a sip, when the spice would hit far back in his throat...and he's a fan of spicy.) The only dishes I thought were okay were the chicken stuffed with cheese, (but I think it's pretty hard for me not to like anything with melted cheese), and the grilled lamb chops, which were lightly seasoned but very nice pieces of meat, cooked to exactly the right temperature. I felt like no one in the kitchen was tasting anything before sending it out. Beyond the food, we found the space uncomfortable: very loud even though it was only half full, uncomfortable chairs, tables reminiscent of a diner. Really not what I have in mind when I dine out at that price point.

                        I used to enjoy the food at Toro (though found it loud and often crowded) but I haven't visited in a while.

                        1. While not Boston area I thought I would throw out Hola down in Marshfield for any South Shore folks. My husband and I love it probably go onec a month/.


                          1. To the already great suggestions of Dali, Estragon, and Taberna de Haro, I'd add Tasca.


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                              I know Dali isn't a board favorite, but we really enjoy it. The atmosphere and staff are great. We sometimes go on the early side with our toddler and they are one of the most welcoming restaurants in Boston. The tapas aren't mind blowing, but they are enjoyable once in awhile. I can't resist the Gambas al Ajillo or Chipirones Rellenos.

                            2. I went to Barcelona Wine Bar in Brookline last night and really enjoyed the tapas. Try the kale with breadcrumbs, green beans, calamari, hanger steak, mushroom salad and the meat and cheese selections. Great wine list and really good service.

                              1. i like toro, its toro. dali is meh, estragon is good but not toro. i think the come up tapas place, food + value + experience is tres gatos in JP. heard about it w endearing reviews, have been a few times now, the buzz is worth it.