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ISO Bay Area restaurants with delicious grilled octopus preparations.

The title says it all... Open to all cuisines. TIA.

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      Love the calmari & ink sauce w/ rice, and the calamari la plancha. Is the octopus a recent menu item?

    2. Ippuku. Call to see if they have it before going out of your way.

      1. i remember La Ciccia's octopus stew is very delicious.

        1. Chez Panisse Cafe and Camino, but of course no guarantee that it will be on the menu either place.

          1. had a great beans and grilled octopus at Lolinda.

            1. Kokkari has a favored prep for Octapodaki tou Yiorgou- grilled octopus with lemon, oregano & olive oil - $13.75

              Susan Carter convinced me that the octopus has a highly evolved intelligence and I have subsequently removed it from my To Eat list of sustainable foods.
              Is 2013 my year to explore a vegan lifestyle?
              What other moral dilemmas will confront me this year? I think I have some remaining years for a softer footprint on the planet. No Comment, please.

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                Octopi might be smarter than chickens, but I'm sure they're not as smart as pigs.

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                    Ringo was onto something with "Octopus's Garden." They do art. Not sure pigs do. Anyhow,I don't eat 'em either.

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                  Thank you for your recommendation of Kokkari. Come to find out that it's sister restaurant Evvia in Palo Alto has the same octopus preparation, and is more accessible to me.

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                      Stumbled across my notes for Lavanda in PA, they have/had a grilled octopus salad.

                      1. re: PolarBear

                        Lavanda has closed it's doors but thanks all the same PolarBear.

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                      The best octopus preparation I've had in the Bay Area is at Dio Deka in Los Gatos.

                      The mesquite grill gave it amazing flavor, and it was the second most tender octopus I've ever eaten (the first being at 15 East in NY).

                      1. re: calumin

                        Reason to visit Dio Deka. It's been a while. Thanks for another close option calumin.

                    3. Martin's West in RWC. Grilled octopus salad has been a fixture on their menu for a long time, Melanie wrote about it, and it was wonderful a few years ago when I last had it.

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                        Martin's West has been on my list of "to try" places. Will definitely look into it sooner.

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                          I had that yesterday. They sous vide it, then finish it on the grill and toss it with bitter greens and a few chickpeas. Nice combination of flavors and textures.

                        2. Memorable charred octopus dish at Cotogna in November: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8741... though they seem to change their menu a fair bit.

                          1. I had some good octopus at Duende.

                            1. Kiraku. The two preps on the menu are not grilled, but they have it sometimes as a special.

                              1. Diavola, Geyserville. Grilled Mediterranean octopus, fingerling potatoes, fennel, celery heart, parsley, tomato, crostone, kale, borlotti beans & bottarga.

                                Tastes as good as it sounds!

                                1. Contigo (not always on the menu) and Barlata. Smokiness might be from smoked paprika rather than grilling.

                                  1. had some great braised octopus at Pesce, decent portion for the price,13. served over potatoes.

                                    1. I'll add 2 restaurants to my original post. The EXCELLENT preparation at Campo 185, University Ave., Palo Alto. PERFECTLY grilled, and presented with olives, potatoes, and drizzled with a fruity olive oil. The BAD at Asteria Grill, Ross Ave., Sunnyvale was rubbery, dry, and tasteless. However the fries were exceptional.

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                                        1. re: ssfire

                                          Shame...all that we had was quite good.

                                      1. I have Aegean blood and love grilled octopus.

                                        My husband gets takeout for us for dinner from La Taquiza in Napa:


                                        On a regular basis we get the grilled octopus Tazon (described on the menu as "an unwrapped burrito in a bowl”). From the website: “a bowl filled with grilled octopus, black or pinto beans, rice, cabbage, crema and salsa” We ask them to make it with refried beans and ask them to grill the octopus crispy. It’s really delicious and very different from most preparations of grilled octopus I am familiar with. They also make grilled octopus tacos and burritos which we have never tried.

                                        1. Skates on the Bay has a delicious Mediterranean-style preparation on their menu now. Pricey, though.

                                          1. I'll second the Duende rec but I'll also add Forge in Jack London Square. The grilled squid was served with a Romesco sauce and artichokes.

                                            1. We had some nice grilled baby octopus at La Costanera in Montara. Really tender. Nice smokey flavor. On skewers atop some stewed Peruvian potatoes.

                                              It looks like they have slightly modified preps on the menus at Mochica & Piqueo's in SF.

                                              1. Crispy octopus at 1760 in SF. Sous-vide, then grilled (sounds similar to Martin West's method, but haven't had it).

                                                1. We'll have to disagree with Forge's cephalopod. It was oversalted, and altho the romesco was amazing, the octopi were heavily oiled for the grill and the sauce simply slid off even when you dipped the octopus in. After a while we gave up and ate the romesco with the fried cheese curds, which was a much better combo than the boring marinara the curds came with.

                                                  LuLu's in SF used to make an amazing grilled octopus but it has been decades since I've been there, and I've seen no one post about it.

                                                  Bravas Tapas/Healdsburg makes a very good grilled octopus with pimenton, and it's perfect to accompany a dry sherry tasting!

                                                  1. has a lovely preparation of octopus at The Commissary in The Presido.

                                                    It was grilled and coated in pimeton served with olives and potatoes.