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Jan 4, 2013 12:10 PM

Why no Peanut Butter for breakfast in US?

How come there are few restaurants in the US that have peanut butter available for breakfast? Many, if not all, in Canada will have it on the table along with Jams and honey, but it is rare in the US. Is peanut butter just for lunch?

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  1. I frequently see peanut butter included in hotel breakfasts in the US, and I usually see it at bagel shops. I know Smucker's makes single serve cups of PB, just like the jelly packets. I've never looked/asked for it at other breakfast places because toast with PB is my standard breakfast at home, and I don't want to have the same thing if I'm going out to eat.

    1. We do eat PB for breakfast down here, and you'll see it incorporated into menu items like French toast and crepes. But the individual/single-serving packs of PB cost twice as much as jam or jelly, so restaurants probably don't want to leave them sitting out on the table for people to stuff into their pocket or purse to take home. I imagine they'll bring it if you ask.

      1. Just recently in States, and the two places we were for Breakfast (Carrows and an independant place) both said they did not have peanut butter. Hotels tend to have it, but others don't seem to.

        1. some places have the single serve containers, but I'm guessing many places dont because of widespread peanut/tree nut allergies?

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            ...Are people only allergic at breakfast?

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              To tell you the truth, I've never seen anyone have peanut butter at a restaurant at lunch, either. My kids never did. Except in a peanut sauce at a Thai place.
              Perhaps restaurants would rather not have peanut allergies to deal with at all.

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                Do you see the little single serve peanut butter or jelly containers anywhere for lunch or dinner? I've only seen them at breakfast, and that too only at a couple places. I assumed that it was so people with allergies wouldn't have to touch them. Most Breakfast places have a small bowl/caddy with the various single serve jellies in them that sit there on the breakfast table, or have them in at a condiment counter. Some people with nut allergies can't come in contact with peanuts - its safer for a restaurant not to have them out, as opposed to having them out and getting sued by someone who went into anaphylactic shock because they touched a peanut butter container that someone cracked open and tossed into the grape jelly bin.

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                I know several restaurants with PB&J on the kid's menu. No single serve packets on the table, but there is definitely PB in the kitchen.

              3. Because if they had little packets or cups of peanut butter alongside the jams and honey people would make their own PB&J sandwiches with the bread that comes with most breakfast combo plates, which would mean they couldn't sell PB&J as a separate menu item.

                And PB&J is one of the highest margin items on a menu.

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                  Under that argument, they shouldn't have lemon juice, sugar, or ketchup on the table, either, because people can make their own lemonade and tomato soup.

                  I figure it's more because who orders a PB&J at a restaurant? I don't think in visiting something like 35 states I've ever seen PB&J on the menu, save at a joint in the food court at one mall in all those years whose entire menu was nothing BUT PB&J.

                  As above, nearly every hotel in all of those states had peanut butter in the breakfast room.

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                    Actually, lots of sandwich places have PB&J ... and more often than not they're priced closer to $10 than to $5.

                    And, no, they are not on the "Kid's Menu".