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Jan 4, 2013 11:24 AM

LaContessa's Rum Cake

I'm looking for a rum cake for a friend's 50th birthday. Our parents always celebrated everything with a rum cake from LaContessa. Does anyone know where to find a similar cake?

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  1. tortuga, online! a christmas tradition for us. its the best.

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      Tortuga rum cakes are great and you can save on the shipping by buying them locally. They had them at the Christmas Tree Express Shop at South Shore Plaza. This shop is only temporary though and I'm not sure when it will close. I've also purchased them at the Fruit Center in East Milton; Cardullos in Harvard Square and even at Marshall's.

    2. off topic, but i miss lacontessa's cannolis. the best i ever had!

      1. I've never has Tortuga rum cake, but the if La Contessa's had great cannoli, then I assume it's an Italian bakery and not the same product. I grew up with Boschetto's rum cakes in Roslindale. There is still A. Boschetto in the north end and I'm assuming you have a good Italian bakery in your neighborhood. To the west I recommend Gerardo's.

        1. why not make this old boxed recipe standard we used to make for Christmas and serve with fresh whipped cream! It's the classic Bacardi recipe. I think we used a lot more nuts in our version.

          1. Tortuga is so so..I do love rum cake and would LOVE to have recommendations in the Boston area. I do make my own homemade and usually make the hard / rum sauce with Goslings Rum. There is nothing like Rum Cake..buttery and decadent...