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Jan 4, 2013 10:49 AM


Is there anywhere in this huge city of 8 million people to buy a tomato that tastes like tomato this time of year?

I can't eat another gross one, help please!

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  1. Throw bricks at me if you will, but I like the campari tomatoes that Costco sells and eat them all through the winter. (Fairway sold them too, in small packages and I saw them at Three Guys once) True, tart tomato flavor, but its admittedly not the same as the summer heirlooms and beefsteaks, but a lot better than the loose "vine" tomatoes one sees..

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      Thanks! I've never tried Costco, no car, but I'll look for them at Fairway and around. Thanks again!

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        Those are good. I also like the kumato tomatoes, brown ones sold in packs of 3 or 4. They have decent tomato flavor, though I will say that the ones I've had this year are not as good as the ones I had last year.

        TJ's also usually has a clamshell of mixed heirloom tomatoes, even at this time of year. (I'm assuming they come from Mexico.) I haven't tried them, but they might be pretty good.

        All of these are fairly expensive options, tomato-wise. But in winter, when it comes to tomatoes, you get what you pay for. (in Summer, too, when really good tomatoes can cost like gold. Which is why I grow my own.)

      2. I like Costco's Campari tomatoes that are still attached to the vine. They're the best option this time of year.