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Jan 4, 2013 10:15 AM

Any stores that have Ball 64oz jars?

Has anyone seen these in their hardware store? They are inexpensive to buy, and online with shipping and the potential for breakage I would rather just pick some up. In the Union/Essex county area, but will take a road trip!


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  1. I sawsome this season, but I'm not sure where. However, I looked in only THREE places for jars: Corrado's, Jones Hardware in Pompton Plains, and Walmart [of all places! I was hijacked there by a friend]. ONE of these had them. I'd start at Corrado's first - they expect everyone to can large amounts of tomatoes. good luck!

      1. re: Nunzio

        Thank you both for your suggestion. Will head over this weekend.

        1. re: Leah 13

          so you don't waste the trip - call them first. If they don't have them in the store you want to go to, they'll often deliver them to the store of your choice from their central storage in clifton. They are always sending their trucks from Clifton to Wayne and Fairfield, and they're willing to transport whatever their customers want. One of the things that keeps me going back!

          BTW, what are you going to can in these enormous jars?

      2. I just saw them in Shop Rite on Broad St in Bloomfield.

        1. Shoprite's got them in Northvale...call your local one first-- might be easier than heading north