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Ready-made pizza dough ?

We buy frozen pizza dough balls from the freezer case at Famous Foods. But sometimes I'd like to pick up a fresh un-frozen ball to make pizza when spontaneity hits. Any place within CoV city limits that sell them ?

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      No, never even occurred to me ......

        1. re: CoolerbytheLake

          The one at Cambie & West 8th has fresh ones by the pizza by the slice area.

      1. i realize you are looking for "fresh" - but the one frozen one i've had good luck w/ (summer party, make pizzas with chefs of all ages etc) is from Armstrong BC

        i found it in the IGA Marketplace

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        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Good to know, GS. Again, like Whole Foods suggested by GeekMom above, I never bothered to ask. I tend to not bother much with IGA's freezer cases hence I prolly easily missed KTB's dough, so thanks for providing an extra (and nearby) source for me.

          But yeah, I'm looking for unfrozen-in-bag dough ready for rolling & baking. New Town Bakery up the street here (Cambie) used to have them, $2/bag. Owner lady says she no longer prepares them, as hardly anyone bought it.

        2. I used to buy some from Calabria Bakery on Victoria Drive.

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            still available; best to call ahead.

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              Calabria on Commercial has it..haven't tried it though.. Worth it? I'm interested in the best dough available so keep em coming.

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                Just bought some Calabria brand at Ugo and Joes. Got home and read there is vegetable oil shortening in it, which is translation for hydrogenated oil/trans fat..I'll be returning it.

            2. Duso's on Granville Island carries it.

              1. Try calling Gourmet Warehouse. I know they have it frozen, perhaps they also sell it fresh?

                1. European Delicatessen on Davie has white, whole wheat, and sourdough pizza dough, refrigerated, not frozen, IIRC.

                  1. I've been experiencing..making the dough is pretty easy..I think fresh yeast is important, and so is a long slow rise in the fridge. The harder part for me is stretching it out.

                    1. Lots of pizza places are happy to sell dough. Have you tried asking any?

                      1. Use to make ours at home but Fratelli's is so good that we just go with theirs now:http://fratellibakery.com/home

                        1. Calabria Bakery on Victoria Drive is now closed :-(

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                          1. re: LotusRapper

                            Whoa! Sad news. They were a neighborhood institution.

                            1. re: flowbee

                              Hang on, just caught this in the most recent US comment:


                              "Moving in October to Port Moody
                              DINER REVIEW • SEP 30, 2013
                              Calabria Bakery is moving in mid-October to Calabria Bakery located in Port Moody, 2617 Murray St, V3H 1X1. Dialing formats: +1-604-939-1335,
                              2 blooks north of St. John, at Moody (Murray Street Bridge)"

                              But website is down: http://calabriabakery.com/?nr=0

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                                @flowbee: Not just that neighbourhood, either. I remember trekking out to Victoria with my mum from Kerrisdale when I was a kid. That was some good bread.

                            2. Bada bing ! Just called Original New Town Bakery (Cambie/19th) and they have fresh (unfrozen) pizza dough every day, in white or 60% WW. Man said each dough ball > 1 lb. Costs $2.75. All this time, and they're just up the street from me [smacks head].


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                                So I tried New Town's dough for last night's dinner. It was very good. They kept it in the fridge until I picked it up, then upon arriving home I started rolling it (after dividing the huge ball into 2), making each one into a super big beavertail. Brushed on olive oil, spread out canned diced tomatoes (pre-drained), mini bocconcini balls, fresh basil, spinach leaves and chopped salami. 20 mins later at 425F, they were ready. The crust was thin but had a nice meaty substance to it (but not bready nor dense), Much better than the frozen Calabria ones we typically buy from Famous Foods (which roll out too thin and end up being drier and crustier). Both Mrs. LR and LR Jr. complimented me on the crust. So it was a winner winner pizza dinner :-)