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Jan 4, 2013 09:26 AM

Ready-made pizza dough ?

We buy frozen pizza dough balls from the freezer case at Famous Foods. But sometimes I'd like to pick up a fresh un-frozen ball to make pizza when spontaneity hits. Any place within CoV city limits that sell them ?

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    1. re: geekmom

      No, never even occurred to me ......

        1. re: CoolerbytheLake

          The one at Cambie & West 8th has fresh ones by the pizza by the slice area.

      1. i realize you are looking for "fresh" - but the one frozen one i've had good luck w/ (summer party, make pizzas with chefs of all ages etc) is from Armstrong BC

        i found it in the IGA Marketplace

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        1. re: Georgia Strait

          Good to know, GS. Again, like Whole Foods suggested by GeekMom above, I never bothered to ask. I tend to not bother much with IGA's freezer cases hence I prolly easily missed KTB's dough, so thanks for providing an extra (and nearby) source for me.

          But yeah, I'm looking for unfrozen-in-bag dough ready for rolling & baking. New Town Bakery up the street here (Cambie) used to have them, $2/bag. Owner lady says she no longer prepares them, as hardly anyone bought it.

        2. I used to buy some from Calabria Bakery on Victoria Drive.

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          1. re: flowbee

            still available; best to call ahead.

            1. re: flowbee

              Calabria on Commercial has it..haven't tried it though.. Worth it? I'm interested in the best dough available so keep em coming.

              1. re: 1newyorkguy

                Just bought some Calabria brand at Ugo and Joes. Got home and read there is vegetable oil shortening in it, which is translation for hydrogenated oil/trans fat..I'll be returning it.

            2. Duso's on Granville Island carries it.

              1. Try calling Gourmet Warehouse. I know they have it frozen, perhaps they also sell it fresh?