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Jan 4, 2013 09:21 AM

Ophelias or Marina Jacks for Dinner

We are staying at the Hilton on Longboat Key. Which would you recommend? Or are we missing something else?

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  1. We just spent a week in Sarasota. My favorite restaurant was Ceviche. In fact, we ate dinner there twice. Amazing zaruela (seafood stew) that I haven't seen on any menu in two decades since our favorite restaurant in Puerto Rico went out of business. All the rest of the dishes were at least very good and some were a revelation (e.g. Crispy Chicken Livers -- who knew?!?)

    We ate lunch at Marina Jack's. The setting was wonderful, but the setting was better than the food.

    1. Haven't been there but wanting to try, Euphemia Haye and it's on LBK. Upscale and gets rave reviews. Haven't been to Opehlias yet, have been to Marina Jack a few times for lunch and love their spinach salad.

      1. 2 terrific suggestions. Now you know why we never travel without checking chowhound first.

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          A couple more new ones to check out - Darwins on 4th, and Half Shell Oyster House. Ceviche is in the process of relocating, I'm not sure of the status.

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            The move will take place some time in February, but there's nothing to indicate the current restaurant will close before the new one opens.

        2. If you are serious wine people, drive an hour to Bern's in Tampa for ostensibly the best wine list in the country, perhaps the world.

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            8 nights in Western Florida coming up for us Brooklynites. The first 4 nights are on Marco Island and we have 2 of the dinners set up already but need 2 others. Can drive & will go 1/2 hour or so out of our way (like to Naples area) for decent food. We're not interested in high end preparation meals for these nights but would prefer informal (not necessarily low priced) fresh fish/nice view type places or Island style. Ideas?

            And, yes "Delucacheesemonger", the last 2 nights are in Tampa & we're already booked at Bern's for both. We've been there before (including their wine cellar tour) and look forward to the hang over on the flight home afterwards. Would've gone to Sidebern's one of the nights but we did that last time and I didnt think the food was good... the chef seemed to like to put too many ingredients/flavors on each dish, resulting in a muddled taste.

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              At Berns, save room for dessert upstairs. I like the apple pie with macadamia ice cream. And the 1863 Madeira.

          2. "Eat Here" on Anna Maria Island, and they have a place in Sarasota

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              Also one that just opened on Siesta Key. It's a fun place with interesting food...have only been to the one downtown.