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Jan 4, 2013 08:32 AM

Lunch in SOHO

6 of us are coming to NYC Wednesday for our annual opera trip. We have dinner reservations at Bouley, Wednesday, Jungsik, Friday and La Grenouille on Saturday. Since the opera is Thursday night we would like to have a our main meal at lunch in SOHO or Tribeca on Thursday. I have had some thoughts about Aquagrill but am open to suggestions.

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  1. Balthazar might be nice for lunch.

    1. 2nd Balthazar. Also:

      The Dutch
      Osteria Morini
      Locanda Verde

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      1. re: peter j

        3rd Balthazar, but you;re heavy on the Frenchish style.
        so I 2nd Osteria Morini for Italian
        Aquagrill is a great choice for seafood
        Kittichai might be a good choice if they do lunch
        Blue Ribbon Izakaya (LES) would be good but not Tribeca or Soho
        DBGB is good
        Da Silvano for Italian ( Bar Pitti too tight for big group)

        1. re: peter j

          Yes for Osteria Morini. They have really great lunch specials. Get the mushroom pasta rags. Beautiful pastas, really..

          1. Thanks for everyone' s help. I decided on Locanda Verde. I think an Italian restaurant would be a good addition to our other choices.

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