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Jan 4, 2013 08:07 AM

Breakfast on the way to Palm Springs

Heading early morning on saturday from L.A. to Palm Springs area. Can anyone recommend a good place to stop for breakfast?

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    1. I usually stop at Steaks and Cakes in Blythe. Great atmosphere, big portions, low prices and great pancakes.

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        Blythe is past Palm Spring if you are heading east from LA.

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          Good point! Can I change my answer?

          LA to Palm Springs, hmmm..... I think I would go to Gausti Cafe in Chino for something with biscuits and gravy. If you are looking for classy, you have those pricey breakfast cafes around the Clairmont colleges that put Brie and priscuotto in a mini omelette.

        1. Leaving from San Fernando Valley. We're leaving quite early to make it to the San Jacinto aerial tramway by eight. Would prefer something close to the freeway.

          That may be too early to find anything open but Denny's. We're heading back the same evening, so dinner recs would also be appreciated.


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            Donut Man.

            Take the 210 from the Valley (starting with the 134), exit Lone Hill, and then once you've picked up some donuts at Donut Man, get back on the 210 and drop down on the 57 and merge with the 10 and then make your way to Palm Springs.

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              Great suggestion, thanks! I remember reading about them in L.A. Weekly, and thinking I'd never get over there. Now I've got the chance.

          2. Large portion classic American breakfast can be had at The Farm House Restaurant just a block of the 10 in Banning, Highland Springs exit, north side of freeway on 5th. All the classics in an authentic hash house. Table and counter seating, a down home alternative to Denny's. Often crowded on weekend mornings, but the line move quickly as there are lots of tables.