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Jan 4, 2013 08:06 AM

Are there people who eat only cooked food?

Nothing raw, vegetables and fruit included.

Recently on a flight, I was seated next to a person who explained to me that she ate nothing that was not at least partially, if not totally, cooked. Even things like apples or bananas.

And she said it was not a medical issue, just a personal one.

Not one to quibble, I simply thanked her and gladly accepted her offer of her side salad and dish of lox from the in-flight meal.

Anyway, are there really groups of people out there that are totally anti-raw?

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  1. that's really interesting - i've never heard of such a group, will be interested to see what people say.

      1. That might have been my MIL. Raw foods "upset her stomach." She subsists on ice cream, white wine, and canned soup.

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          Professional athlete your MIL? <grin>

        2. This is what comes of talking to people on planes.

          1. Ken Hom told me that Chinese food is always cooked. Even lettuce gets a quick boil. Can anyone think of a raw Chinese dish? PS Lox is not raw--do cured foods count as cooked?

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              Pickled or marinated cucumbers, radishes, daikon, etc. Seaweed might count as well.

              Lettuce cups for things like "ants up a tree" or "stir-fried squirrels" are not parboiled.

              Chinese people eat raw fruit -- any and all kinds.


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                When we were in Shanghai over ten years ago we insisted that our guide eat with us, the restaurant had both Western and Chinese food. The guide was appalled that anyone would even consider eating salad because it was raw. This may well have changed and it seems that the Chinese do eat raw fruits, but it was surprising to us at the time.

                1. re: Sinicle

                  Traditional Chinese food still has little if any raw vegetables, aside from stuff marinated in vinegar and/or salt, but Western style food is relatively easy to get where I live. 7-11 actually sells one of the better garden salads available, and Subway uses raw vegetables in their toppings.

                  Raw fruit is perfectly fine, however.

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                    Same experience when I was in Beijing in 1999. I was with a Danish colleague and we got our lunch from a Western deli to bring back to office.

                    One of our Chinese colleagues happened to pop by when we were about to start eating. The Danish colleague, holding a cucumber stick, was conversing with her and everything seemed normal. Then, as he bit his cucumber, the Chinese colleague let out a high-pitched scream which startled both of us nearly out of our seats! She exclaimed, "HOW CAN YOU EAT THAT?! IT'S RAW!!!!"

                    Of course, China - and Beijing - has moved forward quite a bit since.