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Jan 4, 2013 08:01 AM

Weekday Breakfast and Late Night (Midnightish) Dinner Midtown East

We are staying in a hotel near Park and E48th for this trip and were looking for options for dinner/snacks around midnight for our first night (a wednesday) and then breakfast options for thursday and friday near our hotel. I prefer more upscale if possible (my number one choice for breakfast right now is Ai Fiori but would like somewhere closer) and would be open to trying anything as long as it is in a comfortable walking distance, say 10 minutes. I am not hopeful really based on research so far, but thought I would give it a shot! Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't know if these places are "upscale" enough but they are very good.
    Breakfast @ Penelope on Lex and E 29 is excellent and creative.
    For late night eats try L'Express (open 24/7) or Les Halles on Park Ave. Good breakfast too!!
    If you want one of the best bagels in town walk over to 3rd Av and E 51 St to Ess-A-Bagel.

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      Ess-A-Bagel is like eating a rock

      1. re: fred42

        No way!! Ess-A-Bagel makes the best bagel in Manhattan!!

    2. Tough neighborhood for both requests.

      For late dinner, BonChon in Midtown is open until 12:30am says their site. You may need to hurry as I'm not sure if that's when the kitchen closes or if the kitchen actually closes earlier, like at 12:15am. The Smith in Midtown closes at midnight if you get in any earlier.

      Rockefeller Center is a short walk away and has Bouchon Bakery, Jacques Torres, Wichcraft, Blue Bottle, Magnolia Bakery, and La Maison du Chocolat by the way.

      Your hotel isn't too far from the Waldorf, so this might help.

      1. One thing to note about your area is that it is where there are plenty (side-by-side) of hotels for tourists and one factor that always seems present in heavy-tourist areas of NYC is that foodie destinations are very hard to come by. We live close to the area but always go out of our way to go to other (far) neighborhoods for our foodie fix, but as you’ve already requested options with the 10-minute walk rule, here are some suggestions:

        The National is on 51 and Lexington, about a 5-minute walk from where you will be. It’s more upscale than, say, a diner or local neighborhood restaurants, but it does not belong to the Daniel/EMP category. I’ve not been for breakfast, but have had 2 decent dinners by sticking to the safe/familiar side of the menu.

        Alfama (52nd between 3rd and 2nd) is a Portuguese restaurant, on the upscale side of most Portuguese restaurants that I’ve been to. This will probably max your 10-minute walking rule. Again, I’ve had decent dinners in this restaurant.

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          I can't speak to The National, but Alfama is not remotely open till midnight. I've been turned away from there before their nominal closing time of 11.

          1. re: Sneakeater

            The National's website show daily open hours until 12 am. Plus breakfast is available starting 7 am.

            I actually didn't note about the midnight dining requirement by the OP. So, Alfama should not be considered a dinner option. My bad.

        2. For late night you can try Le Bateau Ivre: It's open until 4 am.

          1. thank you everyone, this was more than I was hoping for this area. I will report back on any of the places we end up trying.