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Jan 4, 2013 07:54 AM

Any good BBQ near Grapevine?

I'll be in Grapevine are for a couple of days with limited transportation. Is there any good authentic Texas BBQ in the area? I've read through the board, but it looks like most of the spots are a good bit of a drive.

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  1. North Main in Euless (check their hours)
    Feedstore in Southlake (Memphis style)
    Bartleys in Grapevine
    Hard Eight in Coppell (you pay by the ounce)

    1. I would recommend N. Main BBQ over the other 3, but they're only open Fri, Sat and Sunday (mid-afternoon) - all you can eat buffet ($15?) or sandwiches ($7), prices include a drink. BYOB NO Frills.

        Bartley's BBQ. Local establishment that has been in town for a long time.