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Jan 4, 2013 07:30 AM

2013 Food Bucket List

So with the start of a new year and having crossed something off my bucket list in 2012 I'm wondering, what is on my food bucket list for 2013. I was bound and determined to get to Prince's Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville last year and although it took two tries, I finally made it.

So let's have it. What's a "Must do" for 2013?? Is it a food you've never tired?? Is it restaurant you're dying to go to?? Is it just something you want to cook at home.

Mine is a bit off in the future but this summer I want to have a shrimp boil. Pick a gorgeous summer night, invite some friends, get some beers, a whole bunch of shrimp and all the fixin's (corn, taters, sausage, etc) and just feast until we can't move anymore.

Then just sit around the fire and relax.


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  1. My 2013 goal is the French Laundry. Looking at a mid-spring (hopefully) reservation, because that's the best time to taste their fresh young lamb dishes. If this is all I do for 2013, then I'll be happy.

    It's been on my list for years and years and I'm finally going to go for it...full on! It's been a dream of mine for quite some time now and I've been saving for almost 2 years to afford it!

    1. Interesting idea!

      I haven't given this any thought until this moment, but now I'm going to start a list for myself... :)

      1. Tis the year ol gordeaux will smoke his 1st brisket at home. Been threatening to do it for a few years.Just need to find the right deal on a weber smokey mountain.

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        1. Poutine!
          My best girlfriend's husband is being moved to Toronto for work. And although there's plenty of good eats to dig into there, we plan to haul our butts to Montreal and sit down to some real poutine right in the place where it's done best.

          1. Reviving a lost local delicacy. Smoking mullet. I will have to relearn how to use a cast net, season mangrove wood, and figure out how to properly smoke them.

            I believe they were hot smoked, with or without a rub. Sometimes chopped into a fish dip. A great cheap appetiser until the net ban took effect.

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            1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

              I've found the fellows in the smokehouse at Ted Peters to be very informative - if it is quiet and you use the right approach. IIRC they use red oak for smoking, no rub.

              My families Saturday lunch tradition when I was a child was smoked mullet. I spent many hours watching the old timers cast net - truly a thing of beauty!

              Please start a post on your progress! I would love to start doing this. Smoked mullet is one of the things I miss most from growing up in Fl.