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Jan 4, 2013 06:40 AM

LCK 1/2 (spoilers)

So I completely missed the 12/26 TC and LCK and somehow didn't see the recaps (if anyone even did the LCK) on here either (must be the ugly new redesign, haha). In any case, this week John was going up against CJ who was trying to get a record 5th win in a row. I of course was rooting for John, sometimes he just seems so mellow and determined and undick-like. Tom tells them they can cook anything they want and they head off to shop knowing a twist is likely coming.

CJ goes for the hand sanitizer first (seems like a waste of time when you've only got 15 min to shop). He buys scallops and foie, John buys lobster and foie. They get back and the former contestants all bring out crappy pans, who knows where they came from. John grabs a few, CJ grabs a few. They both have a problem getting a sear, one of the handles breaks off CJ's pan, John's blender sucks. CJ does scallops, foie and a chili sauce that ends up being both too much and too spicy. John has roast lobster, corn veloute and foie. Tom thought the foie was salty and the dish was a little heavy so he picks CJ. Josie's gotta be next week right?

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  1. I thought for sure they were going to do the old "swap ingredients" thing they did last season.
    For the first time this season I actually liked CJ. He was just so chill about the whole thing from sanitizing his hands to using whatever pots and pans were left over after John dove in. John's dish looked pretty awesome to me but, oh well. At least, according to him, he took it like a man. Good riddance.

    1. Dang it! Was hoping John would come back. Oh well. His Dallas restaurant is doing well from what I've read. Thanks for the post. I googled the results early Thursday, didn't see anything in my brief search, then forgot about it.

      1. The pots and pans came from yard sales, according to Tom.

        And based on what Tom C. had said, I thought that CJ *might* lose. I do have to say, without the foie, John's roasted lobster with corn veloute sounded very good.

        And please let it be Josie next week! This is one time I'll root for CJ to win. :-)

        1. Where's the other 1/2 of LCK?

          I think CJ doesn't really know how the hand sanitizer stuff at the grocery store works. It appears he was protecting othersxfrom his germs. I read simewhere that 70% of grocery farts have fecal matter on them. I take the bacterial wipe and clean the handle. In CJ's case, he should use the hand sanitizer on his way OUT of the store if he's not going to use it both on the way in and out.

          Ok, to the food. I'm glad CJ won. John once again has no idea about how his complaints about the risotto pan made him look. "John, you did not take it like a man". You complained about it every chance you got. I bet when people talk to you about your Top Chef experience you STILL complain about that pan.

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          1. re: John E.

            "I read simewhere that 70% of grocery farts have fecal matter on them". Haha, grocery farts are the WORST.

            1. re: Joanie

              And I thought I was being funny wjth the first line. I can't even blame it on auto-correct.

            2. re: John E.

              ROFL! Grocery farts? OK, now I'm crying I'm laughing so hard, John!

              1. re: LindaWhit

                Stay far, far away from that sort of flatulence. (Not to mention the handles of the wheeled devices at the grocery store).

              2. re: John E.

                Using the hand sanitizer upon entry is actually a courteous thing to do, to protect others from your germs. But you're probably right that CJ was using it thinking he was somehow protecting himself.

              3. "Josie's gotta be next week right?"
                I sure hope so. her time seems to have run it's course.