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Jan 4, 2013 05:55 AM

Best saute pan under $200?

Hello -

Looking to replace a saute pan. Preferably not too heavy. Needs to be able to go in the oven at high heat. Not interested in non-stick.

I really like chantal's cookware, but their saute pans are about 250-300.

Copper would be nice, but not a must.


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  1. I have two of Sur La Table's saute pans and I love them.

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    1. re: tcamp

      I was in Sur La Table earlier today and the Sur la Table pans are very nice. The handles are mich nicer (IMO) than
      All-Clad at a fraction of the price and they are on sale right now.
      In a slightly different direction I was in Costco yesterday and they had a 5qt covered casserole that is five ply with a mongo copper plate on the bottom. At $40 it's a wicked good price for the quality.

      1. Hi, Matt:

        This one gets good reviews here and elsewhere: It might be a little small (your budget is low) or a little heavy (6lbs).

        There's also this if you like Chantal, at $225:


        1. Personally, I'm a huge fan of cast iron which is evident when you see them stacked on my stove top. With that said, my closest cooking friend insists I get a scanpan.

          1. What is your criteria for a best saute pan? If you want an even heating saute pan which response nicely, then an aluminum based or copper based saute pan will work well for you. In which case, Demeyere is a good choice. All-Clad is good too, but I dislike its handle. Sur La Table (suggested by tcamp), Calphalon Triply, Tramontina are all decent choice.

            However, if you want a saute pan which easily release food, so that foods can be easily shake, toss, and saute, then a carbon steel fry pan will work very well.