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Jan 4, 2013 04:10 AM

Ken's House of Pancakes-Had the Tripe stew-OMG-I need da recipe!!!

I've had a million bowls of tripe stew in my life at various locations and on my last trip there this past Dec. I tried Ken'sr tripe stew which was life changing. They told me recipe was a secret. Anyone have recipe or something close to it? Was mostly brown gravyish vs tomatoey type of stew. Of all the meals I had in Hawaii (including high end) Ken's tripe stew was the most memorable!!! Thanks for any help.

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  1. Maybe it's here somewhere? Just type in Tripe...

    1. inspired by your post, i sought out some tripe stew which i have never had.

      my dog and i often walk in waiks, and so we stopped at ono's. $7.10 got us a small/medium sized plastic tub (takeout) with the goods.

      i did not like it. the deep earthy flavor was ok, and the texture was ok, but the tripe doesn't look pretty. thinking about eating a cow's stomach lining didn't help.

      i would eat it if i were very hungry and had nothing else in my fridge, but i would not care to order it again.

      the price was steep for the amount, and i also had a small lomi salmon which was crazily expensive. it was in a small plastic condiment cup. the haupia was more milky than coconutty. there was no poke available.

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        Tripe is something you grow fond of especially if you grew up with it. Guess it's something like spam-you love it or hate it. It's all about the taste and texture for those who love it (and vice versa). Tripe is not the lining of the stomach as you might conventionally think of a stomach as. The "honeycomb" tripe most use for stew preparation is from one of the "fore" stomachs of ruminants. These are the compartments before the true stomach as we know it. It is where the cow breaks down the grasses and feed they eat-probably what gives it it's earthy flavor.Tripe is not for everyone-which in my opinion is great! Can you imagine how much it would be if everyone loved it??

      2. Still searching!! Doesn't anyone have a connection to someone at Ken's who can give me basic tips on replicating their tripe stew? Would be nice to have it one cold day in NYC!!