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Jan 4, 2013 01:39 AM

Narrow Column Width And Small Type Worse Than It's Ever Been

Column width is the narrowest it's been since the re-design.

Uses less than 1/8th to less than 1/2 of width of standard computer screen.

Enlarge screen shots to see.

Type is extremely small.

Looks like you're using a mobile phone layout for a computer screen. Doesn't work.

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  1. A simple work around is to use CTRL + to make things bigger. For me, the text column is approx. 60% of screen width and the remainder is used up by the DISCUSSION YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE.... column.

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    1. re: tcamp

      Thanks for the tip -- I've used it many years -- but what I'm referencing is a design issue.

    2. Maria Lorraine,

      It looks like some how you have zoomed out of the page in firefox. You should reset it to 100%. You can do this by hitting Ctrl+0 (that is a zero) That should reset it, or via the menus: View -> Zoom -> Reset. Please let me know if this helps.

      - Shane

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      1. re: meshane

        No, that's not the case. Nothing has changed, and all other websites are full-screen. Thanks for trying, but this is definitely GUI.

      2. It happened to me yesterday for the first time ever. Not wonderful,hope it was just a one time happening.

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        1. re: Mother of four

          Yesterday for me too -- firs time. Still here, though.

        2. Hi Maria Lorraine,

          We're unable to reproduce anything on our end at the moment. Out of curiosity, what happens when you do try Ctrl+0 or zoom in on the pages you're seeing? Based on what you're saying and what your screenshots show, it does seem like. Note that you wouldn't necessarily be seeing this on other might be only on Chowhound that this has inadvertently happened.

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          1. re: Dave MP

            Hi, Dave,

            The page will zoom, of course. I know the tricks backwards and forwards.

            All other websites are launching correctly. Chowhound is the only page loading this way.

            This is a repeat of the design error folks complained about after the recent re-launch.

            Take a look at your programming for column width. That's where the error is.

            You're probably using a mobile device width parameter for computer screens, instead of separate design parameters for each device. Different devices require different architecture and design parameters.

            Take a look at the main column width, and the other columns, like the one titled Discussions You Might Like. These need their width tweaked.

            The columns are loading as one single continuous long column rather than side by side spanning the width of the computer screen. Lots of wasted real estate, and a lower number of clicks to other other links as a result.

            Try it with Firefox 17.0.1.

            1. re: maria lorraine

              I just updated to FF 17.0.1 to see if I have the same issue. It looks fine to me. I'm sure you've cleared cache and used CTRL+F5 but I'll mention them just the same.

              1. re: MplsM ary

                Thanks for the tip MPlsMary.

                Not a cache issue, though.

              2. re: maria lorraine

                Same here with IE8 (fully updated). All material, including "Discussions You Might Also Like...," "Trending Now," etc. are loading in a single column. This began with the last batch of fixes a week or so, before the holiday. It does not happen on my IE9 machine.

                1. re: meatme

                  Yes, the problem persists.

                  You do not have a MULTIPLE COLUMN LAYOUT.

                  Everything is in a single column format.

                  This page with this thread appears as
                  (I measured.)

                  You need to use CSS or the HTML <div> Elements so that you have multiple columns running across the breadth of the computer screen.

                  Here's another screen shot -- be sure to blow it up to full size.

                  Take note than the Chowhound Profile info does not show up to the right of the main column, but rather is at the bottom of the one very long continuous column.

                  So, let's talk money. Your advertisers and
                  sponsored links are buried at the bottom of a five-foot column. Fewer clicks for them means they're not so keen on Chowhound.
                  This design error actually has an effect on your bottom line.

            2. This sure looks like a browser compatiblity issue to me. The only way I get the single column with 'sidebar' at the bottom is to set Chrome zoom to 90% or smaller. IE and Opera keep the 2 columns just fine.

              IE9 has some other glitches, such as initially putting the reply at the bottom of the page.

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              1. re: paulj

                I finally see the issue when I zoom to 90% in Chrome but try as I might I could not get it to distort in Firefox 17.0.1. Granted this is an XP machine.

                But wait! There's more! On my Windows 7 laptop using Firefox 17.0.1 the layout goes wonky with any view less than 100%.

                1. re: MplsM ary

                  I"m at 100% seeing the problem.

                  Also running Windows 7, Firefox 17.0.1.

                  1. re: maria lorraine

                    Have you tried resetting FF to it's default state and see if that makes a difference? I'm running Windows 7 with FF 15.0.1 and have none of the issues that you are getting.

                    1. re: maria lorraine

                      No problem at 100% on linux, FF 17.0.1. It does become a single column if I zoom out. Same behavior on Chrome.