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Jan 4, 2013 01:11 AM

Detroit area: so why is Zazio's closing?


I, for one, think that the place just isn't bringing the kind of cash that the parent company needs to justify the expense of the place. Let's face it: there really isn't any more highly exposed piece of property in Buhminghahm, and I have to believe that the rent on the place is just stratospheric. As well, there really isn't any "defined" parking for the place, is there, besides the nearby structure?

I know the price structure is high end, but that's usually not a big deal in that area (Cafe Via, anyone?), so I can't help but think that it's not just a "priced themselves out of the market" issue.

For a place that's been pretty highly touted, closing in under two years seems oddly premature. Anybody else have more info?

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  1. Crain's on line edition did a piece about the closing. But I was too lazy to sign in to read it. Maybe more info there?

    1. From Eat it Detroit....

      Zazio's will also be closing at the end of this month. Crain's reports that the very large and very expensive (as in they dumped a lot of money into it, but yeah, also in the other sense too) simply wasn't getting enough customers to support its financial goal of $4 million in revenue per year. Probably also too many people were having seizures because of all the clashing neon colors and swirling patterns. So, one too many investment bankers who were hippies in a former life having acid flashbacks and not spending enough money on mediocre Italian food later and they're closing effective January 31. (They will remain open as a pizza and beer bar in the meantime.) No plans for the space have been announced but Greenleaf Hospitality Group will no longer be operating anything in that space themselves.

      There's a joke in here about "if you can't run a successful mediocre restaurant in Birmingham you're doing it wrong" in here, but it's almost too easy.

      On a personal note....I have eaten at the Kalamazoo location twice, was not excited by the place either time and the price was over the top for what I had. So when they opened in Birmingham I felt there were too many other places with great food that I could spend my money.

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        Yep. I never tried Zazios, because friends who moved here from Kzo thought that location was overpriced and underwhelming (edited to clarify - they thought the food was underwhelming), and that gave me no incentive to brave the Birmingham decor and prices.

      2. I seem to recall they had a Groupon so I looked at online reviews and they were so underwhelming I figured "why bother?"

        Drive by there at dinnertime and it's never very full.

        1. My company has been here many times for business-driven cocktail parties. My take?

          Five star prices for lackluster cuisine, and the place is almost always abandoned (probably for the very reasons I just mentioned). Makes perfect sense to me.