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Jan 4, 2013 12:35 AM

Southern candy

I'm visiting friends in the Baltic this month and I'd love to bring a box of American gourmet candy; anyone have any ideas? MIel Bon Bon is great but they're oh so French, I want peanut butter, marshmallow, stuff they'd never get over there...

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  1. Pralines or Moon Pies are the first things that come to mind.

    Bring a big bag of Reese's cups -- the little ones. It's funny-- Europeans will disparage peanut butter, but they'll gamely try it because it's American candy. Then they'll mug you for the rest of the bag. I have yet to see a single person try them who didn't want another one (and another one...) -- and my homemade buckeyes this Christmas were a huge hit.

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      I 2nd the pralines and add divinity to the mix.

    2. Go with the Lil Debbie snacks or the double stuffed Banana Moon Pies.

      Stuckeys Peanut and Pecan Logs are good too. Just make sure you say pecan the right way (pee-can)...

      1. Azurelise in Raleigh is very good, and has some "american" flavors, such as peanut butter caramel, caramel cream pecan, julep (bourbon), maple cream...

        1. GooGoo Clusters. I'm not sure if they're what you might consider gourmet, but they are definitely Southern.

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            shoot. I knew I was forgetting a biggie in my list above. GooGoo clusters.

          2. Peanut brittle and salt water taffy come to mind. Do they have chocolate chips there? I have a friend who sends them home with her overseas guests because they can't buy them in their country.