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Jan 3, 2013 10:56 PM

(another) Question about braising


New to these Boards, but have been lurking and learning for the past half year or so. There are a lot of brilliant people on CH; hope I can contribute in some way going forward…….

I have been reading (probably too much) about braising and stewing; I understand the differences and the benefits (I think) of the 2 methods, but I'm a little stuck on one concept which is….

I've read that liquid evaporates during braising. But if braising means the lid is on, and on tight from what I understand, then how can liquid evaporate?

Perhaps I've just misunderstood….

With thanks,


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  1. It just sneaks out during the long-ish cooking times that braising usually calls for. Lids look tight, but usually leak through tiny openings between lid and pot . . .

    1. More importantly is the temperature at which you braise. Most cooks braise at too high of a temperature. Never let a braise or stew get hot enough to bubble while the meat is cooking. The ideal temperature range for braising is between 140 degrees F and 180 degrees F - never more than 180 degrees F as this will yield dry results in all but the fattiest and most gelatinous meats.