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Jan 3, 2013 10:49 PM

Has anyone tried Red Sugar Cafe in Wakefield?

I found it online and has been there for 2 yrs but I see it nowhere on Chowhound. Just curious...Anyone tried Sei Bar? and does anyone know whats opening where Zaleks was? Is it also Asian? I think of trying these places but unless someone motivates me, we just end up at our fave.. Bamboo House

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  1. Red Sugar, Just ok...have been a few times. Their hours of op are unpredictable which is a little annoying. Nice folks though. Hubs went to Sei bar and didn't like it. Last time I walked by Zalek's (~3 weeks ago)nothing was happening.

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      hey shaebones! can always count on you for the wakefield scoop! found anything to replace Zaleks?? i still crave their food...

      1. re: chompie

        Nope. I really miss Zalek's. :(
        Oh, on an occasional Friday night (early) we'll sit at the bar @ Bellino's and share a small pizza and the grilled vegetable salad. Really good!

        1. re: shaebones

          we did that a couple times in the fall only we sat out on the porch and looked at the lake. That's even better! The only fish we have in wakefield now is at Bamboo Chinese. For
          7$ we get the salmon with veggies and white rice which is good and an amazing deal, and has the salmon, rice and zucchini components of a Zaleks meal but still is not the same...and for fried fish we find the Lobster Claw in North Reading to be very good quality fish. Sometimes they have fried salmon or swordfish which is kinda different...

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            I like the fried fish at Billy's Roast Beef in Wakefield.

            And for salmon, Tulips in Stoneham (buffet), always has a huge filet of Baked Salmon that melts in your mouth. They have great shrimp, clams and of course the regular Asian buffet items as well. But, I really go for the shrimp and salmon. Have you been?


    2. The VERY best place I go for fresh seafood is Petey's in Rye NH. The broiled haddock knocks my socks off EVERY time. Its a hike though. We're going to check out the new digs @ belle island seafood in Winthrop tomorrow.

      1. I've been there 3 or 3 times and prefer it to Duck Walk. It's run by a husband and wife. He is the chef, she waits tables. The restaurant is immaculate, the food presentation is visually beautiful. I tend to go during lunch. Have tried their mango chicken curry, mango tofu curry and drunken noodles. The second time I walked in (maybe a month in between visits) she remembered me. Give them a try. Just call first if you are going between 3pm and 5pm.

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