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Jan 3, 2013 10:37 PM

Looking for an inexpensive Venue in the Bay Area

Hello everyone!
I am having a difficult time finding a beautiful and affordable wedding venue!

We are planning on having no more than 100 guests and my dream has always been to get married outside and have the reception at the same location indoors. We want to have a great time at our wedding with lots of dancing and great food. Our wedding date is open but I am hoping for Labor Day weekend, Sunday September 1st, 2013.

The biggest problem is budget. We plan to pay for most of it with help from my parents so the cheaper the better! We prefer a location that will allow us to bring our own food and drinks (this is typically cheaper). We want to keep EVERYTHING (not including my dress or our rings) under $12,000.

Any suggestions will be good suggestions!


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  1. I think you're going to get a lot of the same suggestions as your last inquiry, but I thought I'd throw this in - The Purple Orchid in Livermore.

    Friends of mine were married here a couple of years back. The ceremony was on the lawn overlooking the olive grove and the reception (tables, dance floor, dinner - the whole shebang) was set up on the lawn in the olive grove. They were also married in September and with our Indian summers, it really was a beautiful night.

    Food-wise, since we had the venue for the weekend, we did dinner the first night ourselves using the grill by the pool. We also had some access to the kitchen. There was so much running around that I don't remember what happened with lunch, but breakfasts were cooked to order by the staff and was your traditional American breakfast. I don't remember what I had, but I do remember the staff being very accommodating to requests. Hope they're still there.

    Fair warning - this place will have bad reviews online because the previous owner was not the most upstanding citizen (this place was on Hotel Impossible), but the couple that bought it have supposedly done a great job turning it around.

    1. Brazilian Room in Tilden Park in Berkeley.

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        Booked years in advance. Also, requires that you use someone from their list of caterers.

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            Actually my friend had a wedding here and her parents spent a whopping 28,000 on the wedding . Also I tried to book here@ the Brazilian Room in Tilden Park and it was very very expensive and their caterer was so over priced. Where do I begin, the Venue alone was 1850 and only 200 less for Sunday or weekday. The caterer was another11,000 plus 8$ per beer and then and additional 30.00 to use the fire place 20.00 for ice per 100 people 50.00to have and open phone line everything was super pricey and you must use a caterer form their list which are all extremely over priced. this is not and inexpensive venue by far and although very beautiful so not worth the money !!!

            My advice have a destination wedding in Hawaii as myself and a FIRE Fighter husband of 5 years did or another sub tropical island. Believe me you can honeymoon and get married all in one week without bleeding yourself dry going into debt and becoming BRIDEZILLA from the stress and wedding blues.

            I found a Company through one of my friends from the island of Oahu. This company named KUHINA helped me get everything arranged for our special day on 3 month short notice to be a JUNE bride and getting married on the lovers Island of Maui . She worked with me and we got everything squared away in a 2 week period and plane tickets and plane tickets were purchased. This company was excellent they provided everything from photographer permit for area of the beach plus gorgeous location , minister, cake ,champagne food and included the wedding application , license register and certificate bouquet ,hair flowers and leis . A wonderful company that I would work with AGAIN AND AGAIN . Her name is Alahlani she is great .

          2. The Oakland Zoo has a facility where you can have an outdoor ceremony (with a view of the Bay) and an indoor reception. I don't think it's too expensive and I'm pretty sure they let your BYO (I've been to a party there, but not a wedding). There's plenty of room for dancing, a stage, etc.


            1. Rockefeller Lodge in San Pablo -- you can get married in the garden and have the reception in the lovely, though slightly funky, building. Not sure how much it is, but the two events I've been to there were hosted by people definitely on a budget. Don't let the location put you off. When you're there you are totally unaware of the surroundings. I'm not sure if you can bring your own food, but I think so.

              1. Hiller Highlands Country Club in the Oakland Hills.

                Fantastic views, and will accommodate your other requests.