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Jan 3, 2013 08:36 PM

Suggestions for Good Chinese Cantonese Restaurants in Philadelphia

Hi all,

I like to know some good quality Cantonese style restaurants in/around Philadelphia. I live in New Jersey, but I don't believe we have any good Cantonese restaurant. There are a couple reasonable Dim Sum restaurants in Philly Chinatown, and a few reasonably good Chinese low-to-mid scale restaurants. However, any good quality of mid-high to high scale Cantonese restaurants? Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. Yangming in Bryn Mawr

    Nectar (Asian upscale) in Berwyn

    Susannah Foo Asian in Radnor

    1. I know very little about Cantonese food but I have eaten at Mustard Greens on 2nd St several times and it seems to match with what I understand about Cantonese food: light on the oil, delicately seasoned, lots of seafood. The items on the menu seem to be pretty solidly from the Cantonese canon (though there are no Chinese names). It serves a mainly white American clientele but the food is very different from most Chinese restaurants in it's lightness. Nice, more upscale atmosphere compared to most Chinatown restaurants. Very reasonable prices but portions are not large. Would be curious to hear an opinion from someone who knows Cantonese food.

      1. Don't know what is good quality Cantonese food, but like Barry, we do enjoy Mustard Greens. Not hectic, you can get a glass of wine, and don't miss the stuffed eggplant.

        As for Yangming - that's our favorite Chinese restaurant. I love many things there. We always make it a stop when we are out in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood. Great drinks, too.