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Jan 3, 2013 07:55 PM

Brunch in Annapolis, MD (private room required)

I'm looking for a restaurant in Annapolis for brunch. The requirements are:

1. Private dining room for 20-30 people
2. In Annapolis or within a 15 mile radius

I looked on Yelp and can't really find anything that can accommodate what I need. It seems most places don't like hosting super large groups because of the big business brunch brings. This will be for late January/early February.

Does anyone have a place that they recommend?

Thank you in advance for any help and for reading my post. :-)

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    Not sure about brunch offerings, but their opening times may work for you. I know they have rooms that would likely accomodate 20-30.

    Despite the mall location, the food is solid.

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    1. re: laststandchili

      Thank you for recommending this place. I called them today and unfortunately the don't do brunch. :-(

      1. re: marshalmissy

        Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Chowhounds come through yet again on a quest! We've altered our plans to lunch instead of brunch and Stoney River offers three different private dining rooms. We ordered many items off of the lunch menu to see how the food was, and everyone was happy with all of the items we had. This is where we will hold our retirement party. Thank you for suggesting Stoney River and thank you sincerely for everyone who offered up a place to check out.

        1. re: marshalmissy

          Very glad it worked out and that you enjoyed the food.

          My only dig with the place is that they aspire to a dining experience that most of the wait staff can't quite bring off, but I've never had a bad meal there. As desolate as Annapolis tends to be in terms of quality, interesting restaurants, SR has become a favorite.

    2. we did something similaratthe Loews hotel for a retreat for a state agency.

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      1. Try calling Rockfish to see if they will fit what you are looking for. I know they have a space for a group your size.

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        1. re: Terrie H.

          Rockfish did turn out to be a possibility, but couldn't accommodate what we are looking for. Thank you for suggesting them!

        2. Check the Chart House is Eastport. IMO they have the best weekend buffet-type brunch, plus wonderful location and free parking.

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          1. re: crackers

            I drove out to the Chart House on Sunday and their brunch offerings were terrific, but they really couldn't offer a private room for 30 people. This is a retirement party, so we really need something separate where people can make toasts, etc. Thank you for the suggestion though, I'd certainly go back for myself!