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Jan 3, 2013 07:43 PM

French Toast

I'm new to cooking and have a question about french toast. Does anyone have any good advice? Any recipes? Or ideas?

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  1. My favorite french toast is made with cinnamon babka.

    I've also tried french toast dredged in cinnamon toast crunch cereal. It added a different texture.

    Welcome to the world of cooking and to chowhound!

    1. my favorite french toast involves dipping strips of challah bread in egg-milk-vanilla bath and then coating with a mixture of corn flake crumbs or rice krispies - it gives it a really nice crunch

      1. If you're new, keep it simple to learn the process/technique. I use this recipe as a base:

        I use Texas Toast bread although challah is actually better.... it's just super expensive at my grocery store.

        1. I second (third?) the challah suggestion, and I like to add a little almond extract to the liquid mixture as well.

          1. Challah is the very best bread for french toast. I don't like it with any coating other than milk, egg, cinnamon, vanilla.
            Don't turn it more than once, let it really brown .
            Real maple syrup or good jam.